Create My Kounta Account Simple steps to create your very own Kounta account

Creating your account with Kounta

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Finding Hardware for Kounta POS

Managing your account with Kounta

Training your team with Kounta POS Your staff will be trained in no time with these easy to follow training videos

POS Basics for Staff

POS Essentials for Team Leaders

Create your Menu & Manage your Inventory Build your menu into Kounta and start tracking your inventory

Adding your Menu to Kounta

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Set up & Manage your Inventory

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Connect your Hardware Getting your hardware running smoothly with Kounta is quick and simple.

Setting up your Printers

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Setting up your Bump Screens

Production Printing

Customer Receipts | Tax Invoices

Staff & Labour Management Start managing your biggest resource today - your staff!

Setup & Manage your Staff in Kounta

Time & Attendance and, Rostering

Taking Payments in Kounta Quickly take payments at the counter, at the table or via online ordering app...

Integrated Payments & EFTPOS

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Issuing Refunds | Discounts & Surcharges

Account Sales & Bar Tabs

Trading with Kounta & Daily Processes From tracking your covers to a seamless accounting integration - build the wo...

Takings, Reconciliation & Cash Management

Service workflows with Kounta

Integrating your Accounting

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Kounta Reporting Basics

Customers & Marketing Offer loyalty programs 
that keep customers coming back

Customer Loyalty, Promotions & Price Lists

Something is wrong Support for whenever you need it - night or day

Troubleshooting Hardware or Network

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Troubleshooting - Taking Payments & Refunds

Something is Wrong

Kounta Insights Empower your team with the reports they need to make better decisions every day.

Kounta Insights Basics

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Kounta Purchase We've made purchasing stress-free and mobile friendly so your whole team will...

Kounta Purchase Getting Started

Kounta Purchase Basic

Kounta Partners Becoming a Kounta partner is a way to diversify your skill set and earn in th...

Kounta Partners

Development & API

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