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How to update the configuration of Lightspeed Payments terminals

To update the configuration of your Lightspeed Payments terminals, there are a few simple steps.

Update the configuration of your terminals

To update the configuration of your terminals and apply your latest settings, follow the below steps based on the model of terminal you have.


Smart Terminal (both models)
  1. Press the Settings button
  2. Press Configuration
  3. Enter your Admin Pin (5773 by default)
  4. If a Configuration Update is available, you will see a blue Update button.

e285p*, p400 and v400*

(Note: e285 is already phased out while P400 and v400 are no longer sold)

  1. Select 1 and then the Confirm key to go to your terminal menu (For the E280 model, to get to the terminal menu, select the small square, bottom right Select Admin).
  2. Choose Config and then Update

This will restart your terminal. Once it has restarted, surcharging will be enabled.

*Your terminals will automatically update each night. However, to start surcharging immediately, follow the steps above. 

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