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What are the Wi-Fi requirements for Lightspeed Payments?

Lightspeed is a web-based application. That means that it's vital to have a consistently strong, stable internet and network connection.

To connect your payment terminals over Wi-Fi, your access point needs to support:

  • WPA/WPA2-Enterprise encryption, or WPA/WPA2-Personal encryption.
  • 2.4Ghz and/or 5Ghz frequencies (check your terminal's capabilities).

Additionally we recommend:

  • Internet speed that performs at 20-25Mbps upload and download (at a minimum) is required for a transaction to successfully process.

  • Enable 2.4Ghz frequency and connect payments devices to it for the optimal range. 

  • The Wi-Fi network should be secured with a strong password and encryption to prevent unauthorised access.

  • Strong Wi-Fi signal (at least -65db).

  • Use a dedicated private wireless network for your POS and Payments devices. (Don't share with your music or public Wi-Fi).

To enable communication between POS and Payments devices, you must disable the Wireless Isolation, AP Isolation, Client Isolation, or other similar features on your access point.

Note that when the terminal indicates it is connected to your Wi-Fi network, this doesn't necessarily mean that it is connected to the internet. There can be issues with the connection from your Wi-Fi network to the internet.

Does Lightspeed Payments support enterprise Wi-Fi?

Yes, we can support certificate based enterprise Wi-Fi configurations. Get in touch with us via your Account Manager. They will put you in touch with our Support team, who will work with you on the configuration.

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