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How to manually take credit cards with Dejavoo devices

Matt D -

This article is relevant if the iPad/Mac/PC does not have internet access but the card swipe still does.  The POS will operate offline but will not be able to talk to the card swipe.


  1. Hit the Yellow Star to access Favorites

  2. The Manager Password is 1234, enter that in and hit the green button for OK

  3. Tap on Turn SPIN bypass

  4. Tap on Credit if you need to change it to Debit or just leave it

  5. Tap on Sale if you need to do a Refund

  6. Enter in the amount and hit the green button for OK

  7. Tap, Insert, Swipe, or manually enter in the credit card number and the payment will process

  8. If this happens, you may want to have a Custom Payment Type created called "Manual Credit Card" so that you can still log the payment on the POS and have it show up as separate from Cash

    Here's info about adding payment types:
    Adding Payment Types

If you experience any problems with this process, please reach out to Dejavoo Support

  • 1-877-358-6797
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