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Touch Screen Device Settings

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Kounta can be used with various touch screen devices. Depending on the type of touch screen that is being used some settings in Kounta may need to be altered to indicate whether the touch screen or a mouse will be used.

Click here to confirm that you are using a Compatible Device or check minimum device requirements.

Back Office Touch Screen Settings

Back Office touch screen settings can be accessed by selecting the Avatar icon in the top right when in Back Office and select Device Preferences.


If you are using a touchscreen PC you can select options to alter the way in which the touch screen, mouse or keyboard may be used.


On-Screen Keyboard
An onscreen keyboard can be enabled if you wish to use the touch screen without having to use a physical keyboard. The onscreen keyboard will appear when selecting a field where text can be entered.

Touch Capabilities
If you wish to use a resistive touchscreen instead of a mouse you can enable touch capabilities. This may disable some of the buttons that can be selected with a mouse as the touch screen option can only be selected to enable only the touch screen or mouse of certain Windows devices.

Scroll Buttons
Scroll buttons can be enabled if you are using a resistive touch screen to add buttons for scrolling that way you can scroll without swiping on resistive touch screens.  

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