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Add-On: Refund Reasons

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What are Refund Reasons used for?

Refund reasons allows you to create predefined reasons for why a refund is occurring which speeds up the time to refund the customer.


Enabling Refund Reasons

  1. Once logged into the Back Office, click on the Addons symbol 

  2. Once in the Addons page, find the addon for Refund Reasons

  3. Hover over it and click on the orange plus sign

  4. Then click on the button on the right that says Enable Refund Reasons

  5. You now have this addon enabled


Configuring Refund Reasons

  1. Once you have enabled the addon, you will then get a Configuration button, so hit that to access

  2. To add a refund reason, click on the button that says Add Refund Reason

  3. Enter in the name that you want to call the refund reason in the field there

  4. After enter in the name, click on Add Refund Reason

  5. This refund reason will now be available when doing a refund


How to use Refund Reasons

  1. Access the POS

  2. Find the order that you are wanting to refund by clicking on the History button

  3. Find the sale in question, you may need to change the filter if it was on a prior day

  4. Click on the order so that it highlights

  5. Click on the red Refund Sale button on the right

  6. You will then see a screen that shows all the various payments and splits that went into the order

  7. Click on the blue Refund Sale button to move to the next step

  8. In the next screen, you can then select which items are being refunded or all of them

  9. Select those items, or all of them and the screen will then look like this

  10. You can then hit the blue Continue button unless you selected Refund All and then you get to the refund reasons screen

  11. Tap on the reason and then it will ask how you want to refund the money

  12. The refund is now successfully processed and will have the reason that you selected attached to it



How to view Refunds and Refund Reasons in the Back Office

  1.  Log into the Back Office

  2. Then click on the graph icon on the left to access the Reports section

  3. Once there, click on the tab at the top that says Refunds

  4. On the next page, if you have any refunds done for the time period listed it will look like the following

Staff Name - The name of the user who gave this refund reason

Reason - The name of the refund reason that was used

# Refunds - How many times this refund reason was used

Refunded Amount - The total amount of money refunded using this refund reason

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