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Setting up Refund Reasons


Go beyond tracking how many refunds occur in your business, get insight into why they happen. When you know why they happen, you’ll be better equipped to act.


Refund Reasons is a Lightspeed add-on that enables your staff to tag the reasons why refunds happen so that it contributes to your wealth of actionable data.


This video shows just how easy it is to process refunds and tag Refund Reasons.


This guide covers how to set up and configure Refund Reasons and view reports on refund.


What's in this guide?


Enable the Refund Reasons add-on   

Configure Refund Reasons

See Refund Reports

Frequently Asked Questions


Enable the Refund Reasons add-on


1. From the Add-ons Page in Lightspeed Back Office, find the Refund Reasons add-on



2. Enable this Add-on by clicking on the orange Enable Refund Reasons button



Configure Refund Reasons


1. From Company settings in Back Office, select Refunds

2. Select Add Refund Reason



3. You will see this dialogue box. Enter the name of your new refund reason and select Add Refund Reason



See Refund Reports


Audit your refund reasons and ensure accountability. By enabling the Refund Reasons add-on, you get access to two comprehensive reports on refunds. These are accessed from the Reports page in Back Office.

Refunds Report - Staff Member v. Refund Reasons v. Refund Amount

Audit Report - Refund Amount v. Staff Member


Frequently Asked Questions


Can all of my staff give refunds?

You can grant the permission to give refunds to select staff by adjusting permission settings under user management.


Can I refund only select items?

Yes. As you process refunds, you will be given the option to either refund the whole order or just individual items.


What's my next step?


Now that you have your Refund Reasons enabled, you can teach your staff the full process of refunding a sale. Individual items or whole orders can be refunded quickly on the POS.


Need to check on your staff's permission settings? Then you should head over to our guide on Managing User Permissions.


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