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Setting up an Epson m30 Bluetooth Printer with Kounta


If you can't plug your printer into your network, the Epson TM-M30 might be just what you need - it can be paired with your iOS device for wireless Bluetooth printing. The downside is it can only pair one printer to one register.

This printer is perfect for events, food trucks or for any site that doesn’t have a wired network.

Using Kounta App Printing - you can still do all the things you’d expect from a printer - easily print production dockets or customer receipts and, open a connected cash drawer.

Pro Tip - If you need multiple registers, multiple printers or printing from outside of Bluetooth range then you can use the Epson TM-M30 connected via ethernet.

This guide will cover how to set up and use the Epson TM-m30 as a Bluetooth printer.


What’s in this guide?

Before you begin

Connect your Bluetooth printer

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


Note - You’ll need to make sure that you have the Bluetooth version of the TM-M30 as there are some models of this printer that are not Bluetooth and they look nearly identical.

You can confirm that your printer is Bluetooth-capable by taking off the cover panel and foot panel. You should see a sticker like this:


Some printers don't have the Bluetooth logo on the sticker but are actually Bluetooth compatible. So to be sure, you'd need to look at the last three digits beside TM-m30. If you see 211, 212, or 242, your printer is a Bluetooth version. These are the model names that support Bluetooth.

Model name    


You would need:

The Epson Bluetooth TM-M30 only requires the power adaptor to be connected in order to pair and print with the Kounta App.

If you are planning on using a cash drawer then you can also connect this to your printer via the standard DK connector -  but no ethernet or USB connections are required.

These cables should stay firmly connected whatever orientation you choose for your printer.



Connect your Bluetooth printer


Turn off the printer and wait until all status lights are off. Turn on the printer and the blue Bluetooth status light should flash once powered on indicating it is in pairing mode.

1. On your iOS device, go to Settings

2. Turn the Bluetooth off and then on again

3. Under the list of devices, select your printer to pair with it

The name of your printer should look like TM -m30_000000


Note - If the printer name is not showing, ensure the status light is still flashing or repeat Step 1 to enable pairing mode on the printer again.


Pro Tip - the Bluetooth light on the printer should stop flashing once it is paired successfully.


5. From the Back Office, select Sites (If you have more than one, you will be prompted to select which one)

6. Open the Printers page  and confirm you have Kounta App Printing enabled.

Production Printing Method: Kounta App



7. Select Save

Now we also need to make sure that the Register that will be paired with the Bluetooth printer has Printing enabled too;

8. From the Devices page (still under the Sites tab), open your Register Information settings by selecting the register you would like to configure.



9. Scroll down to this setting;

Customer Receipt Printing: select either Prompt to print or email receipts or Print receipts automatically and select Save



10.  Go to POS

11. Select the menu icon on the left-hand side - then select Printing


12. Your device will automatically search for printers


13. Beside the name of your Bluetooth printer, adjust these toggles:

Print Receipts:  Yes - If you want to allow customer receipt printing

Open Drawer: Yes - If you have a cash drawer connected to your printer

Print Dockets: Yes - If you would like to print production dockets. You can further configure Production Printing from the Back office


14. Select Test to confirm your printer is connected correctly.

Pro Tip - You’ll need to make sure that you have paper in your printer to start - paper should feed from under the roll - like all good toilet paper.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Bluetooth printing with an android POS?

At this stage, Epson has only manufactured this printer to be compatible with iOS devices.

Can I use more than one Bluetooth printer?

The Bluetooth printers will only pair one to one. So you cannot connect more than one Bluetooth printer to a single device. Also, printer settings by default are site-wide.

So if you want to have multiple registers with their own printers then you can do this with register specific production printing settings

Can I use Bluetooth printers with non-Bluetooth printers?

Yes you can! If you only have one register then you would set up the other printers as per normal Kounta App Printing. If however you have multiple registers, then you will need to enable register specific production printing settings


Why can't my iPad find the Bluetooth printer as it searches for Bluetooth devices?

If the two are within 10 meters of each other and should have been good to pair, not being able to find the printer could mean that the printer needs to clear its memory and cache. To do this, you can try restoring factory default settings on the printer.


What's my next step?


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