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Setup an Epson m30 Bluetooth Printer with Kounta

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Kounta App Bluetooth printing allows an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running the Kounta App to communicate directly with Compatible Epson Bluetooth printers.

Bluetooth printers will need to be paired with a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running the Kounta App. Epson Bluetooth printers can only be paired with one device at a time, therefore 2 devices would not be able to print to the same Bluetooth Printer.

Kounta App Bluetooth printing enables you to print production dockets, trigger a connected cash drawer and print receipts immediately from any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch that is paired with a compatible Bluetooth printer.


Bluetooth Printing is suitable for small businesses that only require a 1 Register to 1 Printer setup. Bluetooth printing is also a great solution where it may be difficult to connect a printer via ethernet and can be used in conjunction with existing Network printers setup via the Kounta App Printing method.

For Example:

  • Food Trucks
  • Small Cafes
  • Market Stores
  • Pop Up Stores 


  • Portable, All you need is AC power connection to the printer. 
  • Quick and Easy Setup with minimum network knowledge required. 
  • Does not require a Wifi network so can be used with a 3/4G internet connection.


  • Bluetooth printers can only be paired with one iOS device.
  • The Printer and Device need to be in close proximity.

Minimum Device Requirements
iPad Mini 2 / iPad Air or newer - Identify your iPad model
iPhone 5S or newer - Identify your iPhone model
iPod Touch (5th generation) or newer - Identify your iPod model  

Requires Kounta App Version 1.23 or later, not currently compatible with Kounta POS App
Requires iOS 9.3.5 or later

Compatible Printers
Epson TM-m30, Model M335B Bluetooth

Note: the Ethernet Epson TM-m30, Model M335A looks very similar to the Bluetooth Model M335B. Please check the label under the rear cover to ensure that you have the Bluetooth Model M335B prior to setup.

Preparing your Printer

The Epson Bluetooth TM-m30 only requires the power adaptor to be connected in order to pair and print with the Kounta App on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can also attach a cash drawer via the DK connector but no ethernet or USB connections are required.

  1. If you are connecting a cash drawer to the printer, plug the cash draw into the DK connector on the bottom of the printer.

  2. Connect the power adaptor via the plug on the bottom of the printer. Turn the printer on using the switch on the top side of the printer. The blue Bluetooth status light should flash once powered on.

  3. Insert a roll of thermal printer paper into the top tray and ensure the roll is feeding the paper under. Close the tray and ensure there are no red paper or exclamation symbols showing. 

Pairing your iOS Device with a Bluetooth Printer 

  1. Using the iOS device you wish to pair navigate to iOS device Settings App, select Bluetooth from the left-hand pane and ensure the Bluetooth option is enabled.

  2. Turn off the printer and wait until all status lights are off. Turn on the printer and the blue Bluetooth status light should flash once powered on.

  3. With the Bluetooth status light flashing, on your iOS device, scroll down on the Bluetooth menu to DEVICES under the MY DEVICES. The printer name should show in the list as TM-m30 and may have some additional numbers also. 

    If the printer name is not showing, ensure the status light is still flashing or repeat Step 2 to enable Pairing mode on the printer again.

  4. Press on the Printer name under devices to Pair the printer with your iOS Device. Once the printer has been paired it should show as Connected and appear under the MY DEVICES list.

Setting up your Bluetooth Printer with Kounta

  1. Using your iOS device that has the Kounta App installed. Login and navigate to the POS via Back Office or tap Go Back to POS from the login screen.

  2. On the POS, tap on Menu in the top left > Printing and Tap 'Search for printers' > Tap 'continue to Settings'

  3. Once you have searched for printers, the paired Bluetooth printer should appear under the heading 'Bluetooth printers paired to this register', select that printer and turn on the options you would for printing.

    • Print Receipts
    • Open Drawer
    • Print Dockets

    Once you have selected the options for the printer, select Test Print to see if a docket will print.

  4. Tap 'Save and Close' to save the printing settings.

Once the printer has been found and setup via the POS, you can alter the printers Production Printing settings from Back Office. Click here to learn how to configure Production Printing rules.

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