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Recycling POS Devices


Devices can be registers, bump screens, or integrated payment displays. Each uses a unique profile to connect to the POS app in order to talk to each other - such as when placing orders as a register, or receiving orders as a bump screen.


As part of you Subscription you will have a number of profiles which your devices will use to access the POS. If you are changing iPads or other compatible devices, you may need to recycle your device profile.




What's in this guide?


Assume control of a register profile

Recycle register profiles manually

Frequently Asked Questions


Assume control of a register profile


1. Open the POS from the Back Office





2. During the login process, you will be prompted that all registers are currently assigned to a device.

Select the register profile you are going to take over.

Note - You should confirm that the register is not being used or is midway through an order




3. This will take you to the Users page where you can enter the POS. All done!


Note - If the register is in use on another device, this will kick the other device off the register. Use with caution.


Recycle register profiles manually


1. Under Sites from the Back Office, select Devices


2. You will see your registers. Select the cog icon beside the register/s you need to re-assign



3. This will take you to the Register Details page. Select the orange Unassign Register button



4. That’s it! You can now log into your now available register as normal.


Note - If the register is in use on another device, this will kick the other device off the register. Use with caution.


Frequently Asked Questions


What would happen if I assign a register that someone else is currently using to my device?

It is important to make sure that no one else is using the register especially if they are in the middle of taking an order. The person using the register will be prompted that they are kicked out of the POS and be redirected to log in.




Do I need to pay for more registers?

Each plan comes with one register profile for you ready to go. You can add extra registers onto any Lightspeed  Plan - simply add them onto your subscription(LINK) when you need them (and downgrade when you don’t).




What's my next step?


Did you know that different register profiles can be assigned their own workflow settings


Think you might need a stronger network? Our tech pro’s have a couple of tips & tricks to follow when setting up your network





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