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Recycling Registers

Raymond -

From time to time you may need to Recycle your registers.

Depending on your plan you can only ever have so many registers active at any one time, and sometimes you may need to use a different device to use a register slot. Say for example an iPad breaks down and has to be replaced, or you need to test your POS layout from home and all your register slots are currently used.



To Recycle a Register

  • Log in to Back Office
  • Select MySite
  • Choose a site if needed
  • Click Devices
  • Click the Register Slot you need to recycle (in the case we're recycling Nexus 6P)
  • Scroll Down to Recycle Register
  • Save





To use your newly available Register

  • Log in to Kounta using the device you wish to use as a POS register
  • Click POS in the top right corner
  • Choose the Register Slot this device should occupy




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