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Exporting Reports - Cloud Icon is Missing

Raymond -

If you find that when you try to export your reports that the cloud icon is missing, there's a few things you can check to get it back again.

This little guy likes to disappear sometimes..


Solution 1 - Chrome Zoom


The most common issue will be that your browser has zoomed in or out slightly. In Chrome, click the
menu icon (three vertical dots) and then set your zoom level to 100%.


Log out of Kounta, close Chrome, then open Chrome and log back into Kounta and then it should work.



Solution 2 - Display Scaling

If however your Chrome was already set at 100% zoom, another potential culprit might be display scaling.

Log out of Kounta, and close all instances of Chrome.

Right click a blank area of your desktop and choose Display Settings


Then, scroll down to "Scale and layout" and ensure this is set no higher than 100%.


Apply the changes, then restart Chrome and log back into Kounta.

If you try these steps and still have no luck, please reach out to our support team.


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