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Integration - CafePay

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What is CaféPay?

Kounta and CaféPay have come together to offer a seamless integration for your customers to take advantage of the latest technology in payment devices.

Using the Frank Green range of Coffee Cups and Bottles (as well as Smart Wristbands) your customers can pay for their coffees on the go using their cups!


Note: This integration is currently available on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices





Enabling the CaféPay integration

In Back Office, go down to the Add-Ons section, select the CaféPay integration and then select Enable CaféPay.





Next, scroll down and click the Login to CafePay button, and then click Login Via Kounta to start the integration process.





If you wish to take advantage of the loyalty management system, you will need to sync your products between Kounta and CaféPay. Simply click Product Sync and then Sync from Kounta.

Please note this can take several minutes to complete


Once this is complete you can go into the Loyalty Management system and investigate the options available there.





Pairing the CaféPay Reader

NOTE: You do not need to pair the device with the iPad in the settings menu, it's done entirely within KountaPOS.

  • Inside POS mode, click the menu button, go to Add-Ons.


  • Then click 'Pair CafePay Reader'


  • Select your CafePay device (the serial will be on the back of the reader) then click 'Select'


    That's it! Your reader is paired!




Taking payment via CaféPay

  • Generate your order as per normal, then click 'Check Out' and then choose 'CafePay' as the payment method


  • Kounta will then contact your reader. When you see the below screen place the cup lid's orange button over the scanner (ensure the lid is either off the flask, or that the lid is sealed!)


  • That's it! Assuming the customer has a CaféPay account registered to that lid and has sufficient funds the payment will proceed.

    If not - an error message will supply the relevant details to advise the customer.




Loyalty Management with CaféPay

CaféPay also has a loyalty system built in where you can have your customers earn and redeem points.

You can customise whether points are earned based on particular items being sold or based on a customer's total spend.

In the below example, CaféPay is configured to supply a reward when the customer reached 100 points.
The points are set to be supplied on a per product basis (explained further in the next picture).

On the right hand side of the screen you could instead supply points based on spend. The default setting is 10 points for every $5.00 spent (this can obviously be customised).



This screen is the Product Sync screen - once your products are synced (covered in the earlier section of this guide) you can set how many points each product will provide when purchased (if points are provided per product) and whether or not a product is "redeemable" with a reward token.

Each product you mark as redeemable is worth the same amount of reward points, so you will want to choose products with a similar value.








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