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Managing Contacts (Customers and Suppliers)

Michael -

To access Contact Settings, a Contact must first be created or linked to a sale. For more information on how to add Contacts see Adding Contacts.

To edit a contact, click the cog symbol on the right of the contact to edit or add more information to a Contact.


Once you are in the Contacts settings you can edit or add more information to the Contact. You can also select the Customer History tab along the top left to view the Customers purchase history.



You can also manage contacts using a spreadsheet (CSV).

To get the import CSV template, add contacts to it and re-import it by:

  1. Select the people tab in Kounta back office

  2. Tap the contacts tab

  3. Tap the  button, this will cause the CSV (with all of your current contacts data) to download into your downloads folder.

  4. Enter contact information into the downloaded CSV

  5. Save this document as a CSV (you may need to export or save as)

  6. In Kounta back office, under users, in the contacts tab, tap the  button.

  7. Select the newly saved CSV and tap OK.
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