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Adding Customer Contacts in bulk - with .CSV

So, you have a long list of customer contacts you’d like to upload to your Lightspeed? You can get them added to Lightspeed quickly and effortlessly by uploading them in bulk via CSV.

Uploading customer contacts is only the beginning of numerous benefits; you will be able to: allow customers to place orders under accounts, give personalised promos, send their receipts via email - all to set the groundwork for a loyalty program.




What's in this guide?

Before you start
Upload customer contacts via CSV
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you start 

  • You’ll need Google Sheets to read CSV files.
  • Make sure you are using a desktop or laptop to access this feature as it is not accessible on the iOS or Android App, and let's be honest - it's much easier using a spreadsheet app with a keyboard and mouse


Upload customer contacts via CSV

Note: Please limit customer import files to 500 rows per import. 

1. Download the template CSV

2. Open the CSV file using Google Sheets

3. Enter the details of the customers you need to add


Here are a few important notes about the fields on the CSV:

ID** - these are numbers assigned by Lightspeed to each customer. Do not edit.

CustomerName - Enter the customer name - naturally, this is needed

Email - Enter this or the phone number as a unique identifier

Phone - Enter this or the email as a unique identifier

Tags**- These are great for creating customer-based promos

(** Not required)


4. Once you are happy with your customer details, make sure it is saved in the correct file type. The file extension should say “.csv” - If not, select Download As and choose Comma-separated values (.csv) as the file type.

On Google Sheets:


5. Ready to upload! Under People from the  Back Office, select Customers

6. Select the cloud icon with the arrow pointing up


7. Select Choose File to search for the CSV file you just edited and select OK



Frequently Asked Questions

My import isn't working, what might be the cause?
In order for the file to import without any issues, it's important to check that the file meets the following criteria:
  • Ensure all invalid characters are removed
  • Ensure all duplicates are removed
  • If the file is greater that 450 rows, seperate the files in to files of 450 rows and import each separately
  • Ensure the headers on the CSV match the CSV template

Can I edit existing customer details via CSV?

For now, you can only add customer details via CSV. for new customers. As for existing customers, you can easily edit their details from the Customers page under the People section in Back Office.


What are the minimum details I need to add a customer?

Both via CSV or directly through the Customers page in Back Office - you would need the customer name, and either email or phone number as a unique identifier.


How do I set up a loyalty program?

Lightspeed integrates with several third-party add-ons who are pros at handling loyalty programs.
Explore Lightspeed Add-ons for more information, or talk to one of our experts to find a solution right for you.


What's my next step?


*CSV Template

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