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Make Bundle Orders using Option Sets

Raymond -

This guide will show you how to use option sets to create a "bundle deal" such as 3 coffees for $10 or 4 coffees for $12 - allowing you to offer special pricing for certain deals.

Getting Started

Say for example I want to make an offer where my customers can buy my Paninis and BLTs in bulk. Let's say 3 for $30 or 4 for $35. These items normally vary in price wildly, but if someone made the below order in the screenshot they'd qualify to have the whole order for $30.


Create The Offer

This is achieved with Option Sets, which allow us to create a product for the deal, then add the eligible items (at special pricing) to an option set which is then added to that "deal" product.

  1. First we create the product. We will call it the 'Office Sandwich Deal'
    - Add it to the relevant category
    - Give it a price of $30 as that is the price of the deal.
    - Ensure the correct Tax Bracket is selected.


  2. We then create the Option Set. We can call the option set 'Office Sandwich Deal' as well 
    - Add in the already existing products as options.
    - Give them a price of $0 (the special price was already in the "deal" product.
    - Under rules, because we need all three selected, have a minimum and maximum selection of 3.


  3. If we want to expand the deal beyond 3 sandwiches, (say, 3 for $30 but each one after that is $5) simply duplicate the Office Lunch Deal option set, and alter the rules accordingly.
    - For this example, each option has a price of $5
    - Minimum selection needs to be 'None' otherwise it will be a required option.


  4. Now we link the option sets to the "Office Sandwich Deal" product.


  5. After that, go back into POS and check out our new Office Sandwich Deal button that gives us 3 meals for $30 and extra ones for only $5!


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