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How to sell Sundry or Cash Sale items using Variable Quantity Prompt

Raymond -

A common feature seen in older style POS devices is a 'Cash Sale' or 'Sundry' item function, where say for example you don't need to track the stock or even the product for a particular sale - but you do need to record a transaction.

The easiest way to add a 'Sundry' button in Kounta is to simply create a sundry product and then use the variable quantity function to allow the operator to enter a price at the time of sale.

The steps to achieve this are outlined below:

  • In Back Office, create a new product. I'll call it 'Sundry' but you can call it whatever you wish.
  • Select which category it should appear in (in this example, the button will appear everywhere)
  • Set the price as $1
  • Note: I'm going with GST as the tax type here, you may need a separate button for Taxed and Non-Taxed items
  • Click 'Save and edit product'
  • Scroll down to 'Variable Quantity Prompt' and select 'Yes' then save the product.



The result should look like this:-



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