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How To: Entertainment Book

Raymond -

This guide has been put together to assist Kounta customers who need to set up the discount options from 'Entertainment Book' should they be a member of this service.

There are two variations of this guide, both variations assume you have setup and become familiar with our Adjustments Add-On














I don't need to apply a Credit Card Surcharge


If you don't need to apply a credit card surcharge, this process is relatively simple.
You will need to create two Adjustments.
One for the under $160 price range (-25%), and one for the over $160 price range (-$40).

Simply perform the following steps.

  • Ensure you are in Kounta Back Office
  • Click the Add-Ons button
  • Click Adjustments (go here if you have not enabled it yet)
  • Click Configuration
  • Click Add a New Adjustment
  • Provide a relevant title and set the discount.
  • If you only want staff with 'Discount Permission' to use the adjustment, tick the Require Discount permission box.



  • Once this is done, the adjustment options will appear when you sync your POS and go to Adjustments.










 I -do- need to be able to apply a Credit Card Surcharge


This procedure is a little bit trickier in the event you need to be able to add a credit card surcharge as well - as Kounta will only allow a single 'order-wide' discount on your invoice.

The under $160 adjustment is simple - simply follow the same steps outlined above, but instead of applying a 25% discount, subtract the value of the credit card surcharge (i.e a surcharge of 1.5% would need a discount rate of 23.5% instead of 25%).

The over $160 adjustment however needs a work around - and this can be achieved by creating a product that has a -$40 sale price attached to it. 

This can be achieved with the following steps:

  • Go to Kounta Back Office
  • Click Menu
  • Go to Products
  • Create a New Product
  • Give it a relevant name
  • Set the categories this tile should appear in
  • Set the price (in this case -40)
  • Set the tax code if needed


  • After that is done, sync your POS terminal.
  • You can then add your E-Book discount product to deduct the flat rate of $40, and then apply your surcharge separately.



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