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Payments Integration - Smartpay (Australia & NZ)

This guide helps you enable Smartpay and process integrated payments.   

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What's In This Guide?

Before you Begin

Enable Smartpay

Pair your Smartpay terminal with Lightspeed POS

Process Sales with Smartpay 

What's Your Next Step?

Frequently Asked Questions


Before You Begin

Setting up the integration is easy. You need:

    • Your EFTPOS terminals on hand
    • Smartpay enabled on Lightspeed's Back Office
    • A stable internet connection


 Enable Smartpay 

  1. Go to the Integrations' page on Lightspeed's Back Office and click Smartpay. Screen_Shot_2021-05-10_at_11.33.48_am.png
  2. Enable Smartpay. Screen_Shot_2021-05-10_at_11.35.34_am.png


Pair Smartpay terminal/s with Lightspeed POS

  1. Go to the POS. 
  2. Click the menu button in the top lefthand corner and then Add-ons. Screen_Shot_2021-05-10_at_11.39.10_am.png
  3. Click "Pair Smartpay"Screen_Shot_2021-05-10_at_11.42.15_am.png
  4. Follow these instructions.

    (IMPORTANT: The steps below are based on the terminals we have specifically tested. Whilst we do not officially support the D210e terminal we have anecdotal reports that it works as long as you follow these steps instead, and then resume the process at Step 5.)

  5. Enter the 8 digit pairing code in the box and click "Find". smartpay2.png
  6. You're done!
  7. Merchant copies, tips and signatures are currently handled on your POS and printers. You'll be asked if you want to handle them on your terminal instead. 
Pro Tip - You can pair one Smartpay terminal to multiple registers! Just give Smartpay a call to set this up.


Process Sales with Smartpay on Lightspeed POS

Click Smartpay's logo upon checkout. 


Note that if you do not see the sale close off afterwards (ie the terminal says approved, but the Payment window closes off, but the order remains unpaid) simply re-attempt the payment process on the POS. The card will not be requested again, but the POS should be able to retrieve the payment information.

What's Your Next Step?

Finalising your takings with integrated payments is super easy. Check out our guide now!


Frequently Asked Questions

What terminals can I use with Smartpay?

Smartpay offers these devices for New Zealand customers. 

  • New Zealand customers
    • S800 Fixed Ethernet Terminal 
    • S920 Mobile WIFI/GPRS Terminals 

How much will this integration cost?

A transaction fee may apply if you choose to use the Smartpay Payment integration with Lightspeed POS.

How does my Smartpay terminal talk to Lightspeed?

Smartpay terminals communicate to Lightspeed servers via WiFi, Ethernet or 3G. 

Note from Smartpay:  Please ensure the Smartpay Terminal has either an active internet connection via an Ethernet Cable plugged into the back of the Terminal (& into the Router) or Wifi Connectivity to your Wifi Network - depending on the terminal being used.
If you are using the Sim Card Mobile terminal, the terminal will display a G in the top right hand corner. Also ensure your  Register is connected to the internet using WiFi, Ethernet or, a data sim card.

How do I report on Sales by Payment Type?

The Reconciliations Dashboard on Insights allows you to report on payments. Drill down to see trends for specific payment types, by site, and most importantly, trends over time.

How does terminal surcharge work with Smartpay and Lightspeed?

Due to differences between SmartPay Australia and SmartPay New Zealand, surcharges are handled differently by the POS depending on where your business is located.

Australia: SmartPay surcharges are not displayed on the POS or within the reporting for Lightspeed O-Series. 

New Zealand: SmartPay surcharges are displayed on the POS, POS receipts and reporting as Payments Surcharge. 


My terminal approved a payment, but the POS register did not pick this up, what do I do?

Simply press Checkout -> SmartPay again. The POS will retrieve the payment cached in the terminal.
It is essential you do not alter the order in any way.


My POS register shows this message, how do I fix it?

This happens if the SmartPay terminal flags there is a processed payment that the POS has not marked as received, usually due to a communications/network error. Simply open the order being requested (in this case 'Order-23') and press Checkout -> Smartpay again.

If the order was already closed off with a manual payment method, simply ignore the message by pressing the 'Smartpay' button in the checkout section again - which will allow you to proceed past this warning.

If you see this message:
Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 9.15.17 AM.png

The system is letting you know that Smartpay had a "paid" transaction stored in it's memory already, but we've detected the sale is already closed in the POS. Essentially warning you that your takings for the day will be unbalanced. You can either perform a money-in/money-out procedure to rectify this or just be aware that SmartPay and a different payment method will have a matching out of balance figure when doing takings at the end of the day.

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