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Edit an order with Lightspeed - POS Basics


1. Open up Lightspeed Lightspeed POS and select the items you want to add to the order:


2. Once you've added your items, click on an item in the order screen to edit:


3. Clicking on the item will then take you to the edit product screen.

From here we can;

  • A. Add extra options or modifications
  • B. Update the quantity
  • C. Change the unit price
  • D. Add a line item adjustment (if you have the permission to do so)
  • E. Add a product note for the kitchen or other production areas
  • F. Remove the product from the order.


4. Once you've added in your edits, then simple hit 'Apply Changes' to save the changes to the product. 


5. You'll be able to see the adjustment applied(if an adjustment was applied) and your product note underneath the product in the order



Will my product notes appear on the customers receipt?

You can choose whether your product notes appear on receipts or not via heading to Back Office>My Site or Sites>Site information section under 'Receipt options' mceclip6.png

If you have any questions, select help on any page in Lightspeed to reach our 24-Hour Support Team.

Next up, is how to split or merge orders or, how to hold an order from the POS.


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