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Tracking your Money In / Money Out


If you are tracking your float in and out each day, need to take some petty cash or, pay for a delivery - then these can all be tracked easily with Money In/Out.


These will also be sync'd to your Accounting package if you have the connection enabled



Enter your Float In


1. To enter your float in for the day - select Money In from the menu in the top left,


2. Enter the float amount you counted - add a note and choose Money IN


Petty Cash

3. If throughout the day you need to run to the store for supplies or pay for a delivery from petty cash, open the Money In/Out menu; type in how much money you are taking from the till; enter a note and select Money Out.


Enter your Float Out

4. Just before you start to count your cash for the end of day, you need to now take your float out so that you have it ready for tomorrow morning.

Open the Money In/Out menu enter in your float amount - type a note and save as Money Out


Note - For each of the money ins and outs you can now see these in your reconciliation reports as well as from the Money History from the POS. If you have connected your accounting package, then this will also be sync’d.


What's my next step?


Once you have taken out your float for tomorrow it is time to finalise your takings for the day.


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