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Adding Customers to Lightspeed


"It’s all about how you make the customer feel.” - Danny Meyer 


Customers are your lifeblood - so now is the time to step up that customer service and enroll your customers into your loyalty program, open an Account for them, or at least sign them up to your regular local newsletter - all managed from one central place.


Uploading customer contacts is only the beginning of numerous benefits, you will be able to: allow customers to place orders under accounts, give personalised promos, send their receipts via email - to name a few.


This guide will cover how to add customer contacts to your Lightspeed.



What's in this guide?


Add customer through POS

Add customer through Back Office

Frequently Asked Questions


Add customer through POS


If you are placing an order on account, or are adding a customer to your loyalty program you can capture their details directly from the POS.


1. Just above the order summary on the POS, select Add Customer



2. Select New Customer



3. Enter the name, and either email or phone number and select Add Customer


4. Select More Details if you wish to enter further details or unique tags


5. Select Save



Pro Tip - Adding a customer through the POS automatically links them to the current order


Add customer through Back Office


1. From the People page in  Back Office, select People

2. Select Customers

3. Select Add new customer



4. You will see this dialogue box prompting you to enter their name, and email address and/or phone number. Then, select Add Customer to create their profile.



The paper icon is for viewing the customer history for paid sales; the cog icon beside the name is for editing customer details; and naturally, the trash can icon is for deleting the customer contact.



5. To access User Management, select the cog icon

Tags, which can be used when creating customer-specific promotions, are entered from this page.


If you are using Account Sales and need to control whether your customer can start an account with you or not - scroll down to Account Sales from this page - this toggle will allow a customer to open an account with your company.



Note - For times when you need to upload a lot of customer information, you have the option to upload customer details in bulk via CSV.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the minimum details I need to add a customer?

We don’t need to know their life story, but to make sure we are not adding orders to the wrong account or redeeming the wrong discount for our loyal customers, we use unique identifiers in the form of an email address or a phone number.


How do I set up a loyalty program?

Lightspeed  integrates with several third-party add-ons who are pros at handling loyalty programs.
Explore Add-ons for more information, or talk to one of our experts to find a solution right for you.


What's my next step?


Have you added in your staff? Do so and you will be able to monitor their attendance and performance. You will also be able to manage what they can do on Lightspeed.

Now that you’ve added your customer details, you may be thinking of creating a loyalty program. The good news is you can integrate Lightspeed to third-party apps devoted to automating loyalty programs. Explore Lightspeed’s add-ons for more options.

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