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Add and Manage Site Payment Types


Lightspeed enables you to take payment from your customers in any way you want. Whether you are a cashless business with an integrated EFTPOS terminal, customers paying on account or, even by bitcoin - track the breakdown of all different payment types accurately for reconciliation and reporting.

Through this guide, we will show you how to add your own payment types and, where you can report on them.

Still investigating your EFTPOS solution?  If you are still investigating which EFTPOS Integration is best suited for your business, you can look at the  Payments page or Talk to a Payments Expert.


What's in this guide?


Payment types

Add payment types

Reporting by Payment Type

Frequently Asked Questions


Payment Types

If you need a starting point, here are some of the payment types that customers like you are already using through Lightspeed:

Note - you don't need to create a payment type for all of these below since some of them are default settings or are automatically made when an add-on is enabled or a service is integrated.

Cash (created by default)- A default payment type which you can use without doing anything - if you’re a cashless business then you can also disable the ability to take cash payments.

Credit/ Debit Card - Integrate your EFTPOS solution for error-free and faster checkout times or, add in a manual payment type if your EFTPOS cannot be integrated with Lightspeed.


Account Sales - Whether for companies or individuals, this is an option for a customer to order now and pay later or via direct deposit if you have integrated your accounting. If this is what you are looking for then you should enable our Accounts Add-on.


Order Ahead | App Payments - Take orders and process payments online - be it through an app, website, or social media. If this is something you’re looking to set up for your business, you may want to check out our integration partners: Loke, Hey You, and Boppl.


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Add and arrange payment types


1. From the Back Office, under Company settings, select Payment Types


2. Select Add a New Payment Type

3. Fill in the following fields:

Payment Type: The name of your payment type
Show on Checkout: Tick this box to use this payment type on your POS
Require Customer: This will require any sales made to this payment type to have a customer linked to each order.

Prompt for Adjustment: Useful for reminding staff in the case of a credit card surcharge, or some other adjustment needed for a certain payment type.


4. Select Add Payment Type

5. Select Save All

6. Next click and drag the 6 dot icon on the left of the payment type to arrange the order the payment types appear in which will arrange the way the payment types are displayed in the checkout screen in POS.


After rearranging the Payment Types, the changes will be saved automatically. Note: you'll still need to sync the POS to update the changes to POS. 



Site Payment Type

If you have multiple sites under the same company, the new Site Settings button will allow you to choose which Payment Types appear at each of your sites.


1. Simply select the 'Site Settings' button next to the payment type you want to edit 


2. Then select which sites you want this payment type to appear in and save changes! 



Reporting by Payment Type


Payments Dashboards on Lightspeed Insights allow you to easily report on the payment types used in your business; see payment trends, and see which payment types are the most popular. Drill down for more details or to see trends for specific payment types, by site, and most importantly, trends over time.




Frequently Asked Questions


Can I change the payment type after the order has been closed?

Mistakes do happen and after orders are closed, the payments can only be viewed in reports.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for this. First, you would need to refund the sale. After which, simply process the order again, making sure it has the correct payment type.

Can I have a separate payment type for different credit cards?

Yes, you can. For example, if you’d like to separate your AMEX from Visa, you can create a Payment Type for each, however, from our experience, we would recommend that you stay with just the one for your EFTPOS/credit cards.


The more payment types you have the more chance there is for your staff to make errors when taking payments. This would, however, mean that you will not use any automatically generated Payment Type from EFTPOS Integration. This will cause the workflow to be slightly different and is generally not advisable unless needed.


Does the payments data sync with my accounting package?

Yes - integrate with your accounting package and your payments data will sync with every reconciliation.


How do I report on Sales by Payment Type

Payments Dashboards on Lightspeed Insights allows you to easily report on the payment types used in your business, see payment trends, and see which payment types are the most popular. Drill down for more details or to see trends for specific payment types, by site, and most importantly, trends over time.


Can I allow my customers to pay later?

Yes you can - all you need is the Account Sales add-on


What's my next step?


Thinking of integrating accounting with Lightspeed? There are a number of accounting integrations to choose from to suit your needs.


Have you integrated your EFTPOS? Choose and set up an integrated EFTPOS for your store.


Looks like you’re close to trading. Have you added your staff yet? Create logins with pins for your staff - you can also manage permissions of what they can do on the POS.

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