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Adding Payment Types

Josh -

Kounta allows you to add any number of Payment Types.
This allows you to break your payments down appropriately for reconciliation and reporting.

Adding Payment Types.

1. Login to Back Office

2. Select the Company Settings tab

3. Select Payment Types

4. Select the Add new Payment Type button

5. Enter your Payment Type information



**Please note that the Payment Type field is limited to 20 characters including spaces and cannot include special characters such as a dash. 

Payment Type - The name you want to show on your POS, Receipts etc (for example, Visa).

Clearing Account - This can be left blank as clearing accounts are now determined in the settings for the Accounting Integrations.

Quick Checkout - If this is ticked you will see this in the Quick Checkout popup on the POS screen, generally you want this enabled.

Require Customer - If this is ticked Kounta will force the user to select a customer when paying with this Payment Type

Prompt for Adjustment - When you select this payment type, the 'Adjustments' pop up will automatically appear. Useful for reminding staff in the case of a credit card surcharge, or some other adjustment needed for a certain payment type.


Integrated payment types such as Tyro and PayPal create Payment Types automatically when the integration is enabled so they do not need to be created manually.
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    Dale Heger

    Can this only be done by the store owner or any admin?

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    Hi Dale, you will need to enable the 'Company' permission for users to access these settings. Admins will be able to edit and add payment types.

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    Graeme Robinson

    When selecting Account for Xero, do you put the Account Number, the Account Name or Both?

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    Hi Graeme

    Just use the account code if you're mapping a Xero account

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    Mark cvetkovski

    Hi there, I have deselected the Customer Required option in Payment Types, however I'm still being asked to select a customer before each transaction. Does anyone know how to override this?

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    Thanks Mark, we've logged that issue to be resolved in the next Kounta update. For now if you run into this challenge go to POS > Menu > Preferences > Update Kounta

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    Roddy Roderson

    I've just added a new payment type for the online ordering system we use, but it isnt counting the sales which are designated to it during the course of the day. When finalising the takings at the end of the day it asks me for a cash amount, rather than having just tallied everything up that was assigned to it. How can I make it count what is assigned to it?

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    I have the same issue as Big Roddy, I want the new payment type I have added to work like the Tyro payment type I already have. There is no need for me to reconcile it at the end of the day because everything that goes through our online ordering system is paid online, thus ensuring it is impossible for a discrepancy to occur. So I just want the payment type to simply add up everything that goes through it each day and tell me the total at close. How can I do this?
    Thank you!

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