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Processing Cashups when Using Non-Integrated Tyro Transactions

Josh -

Some Kounta users take advantage of Tyro's ability to process transactions both integrated and standalone

This can be useful for processing complex split payments in addition to moto transactions (card not present)


To process these non-integrated payments you can simply create a new Payment Type and process your transactions using that. Take "Offline Payments" as an example

Throughout your trading period this is simple and is a good solution.

At the close of your business day however it will take some juggling to reconcile correctly.

Follow the steps below to reconcile correctly

  1. Pull your totals from the Tyro website
  2. Find the totals of your Tyro (integrated) payments via the Current Takings report in Kounta
  3. To determine the actual process amounts relating to the 'Offline EFTPOS' payments
  4. Get the Tyro Total and subtract the Tyro total from Kounta
  5. This will give you the amount processed through your Tyro terminal that was not INTEGRATED directly with Kounta

Note: For your accounting integration it is important you process this properly to ensure there is no variance written unnecessarily to the various balancing accounts


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