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Integration - TYRO Payments

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Kounta together with TYRO have developed a seamless, fast and simple to setup integrated EFTPOS offering. This works across Android, iPad, Mac and Windows.



Enabling the Tyro Add-On

Enabling the Tyro Add-On is a simple process.

  • Go to Kounta Back Office
  • Click Add-Ons
  • Find the Tyro tile and click it
  • Click 'Enable Tyro'




Pair the Tyro Device with Kounta

  • You can only pair one Tyro terminal to one Kounta register.
  • Preparing the Tyro device may differ from terminal to terminal.
  • Start my entering your Menu
  • Select 'Integrated EFTPOS'
  • Enter your Admin password
  • Select 'Pair with POS'
  • You will then be provided with your Merchant ID and Terminal ID


  • On your Kounta POS click Menu
  • Click Add-Ons
  • Click Pair Tyro
  • Select your device or click 'I know what I'm doing'
  • Enter your Merchant ID and Terminal ID
  • Click Authorise
  • On the Tyro Device click 'Start'



This should then complete the pairing process. If you get any issues try to clear the existing pairings on the Tyro Device (click Menu -> Integrated EFTPOS -> admin password -> Clear Pairings)

Otherwise, when you click Checkout you should see a Tyro Option as per below:



Receipt Settings


There is a register level setting within Kounta Back Office which controls where the TYRO & Commbank Albert merchant receipt will print from.


Kounta offers a few different configurations:

  • Tip and Sign on payment device - Merchant copy will print to the TYRO/Albert printer.
  • Tip and Sign on Kounta receipt  - Merchant copy will print to your Kounta printer.
  • Do nothing - No merchant copy is printed

To Change this setting:

  • Go to MySite
  • Select Devices
  • Select Registers
  • Select your register
  • Change the SIGNATURE, TIPPING AND MERCHANT COPY to one of the above settings.

Once you make this change ensure you perform a SYNC on your register.


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