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Integration - TYRO Payments

Josh -

Kounta together with TYRO have developed a seamless, fast and simple to setup integrated EFTPOS offering. This works across Android, iPad, Mac and Windows.

You can enable the TYRO add on via Menu > Sites > Add Ons in your Back Office


 Pairing your Tyro Terminal

1. Each Kounta register needs to be paired with a specific Tyro terminal.

2. From the POS select Menu then Add Ons then Pair Tyro Device

3. On your Tyro device select Menu > Configuration (You will be prompted for your TYRO admin pin) > Integrated Eftpos > Authorise POS

4. Enter your Merchant ID and Terminal ID on Kounta and press Authorise

5. Press start on your Tyro Device

6. Once confirmation is shown close out of all Tyro popups/Menus on the POS and Tyro Device



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