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Integration - Xero

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What it Does

The integration will create a single Invoice that combines the various income, payments and adjustments to represent a single period of trade corresponding to a 'Finalised Takings Report' in Kounta

Each exported Takings will balance out to $0 outstanding and will update the necessary credits and debits to each of the accounts configured below

Advanced Features for Manage and Extend Plans

On higher plans the integration will also push an invoice and customer across to your Xero company for each On Account or Layby sale

We'll then ensure the payments made from either Kounta or Xero are also kept in sync improving your cash flow and reducing data entry

Enabling the Xero Add On

  1. Tap Sites or mySite

  2. Select a Site (mySite, go to step 3)

  3. Tap on Add-Ons

  4. Select Xero

  5. Tap on the + Symbol

  6. Tap Enable

Connecting a Xero Account

  1. Select Xero

  2. Tap Configuration

  3. Tap Connect to Xero

  4. Login to the Xero Account

  5. Authorise Kounta to access your Xero data. Ensure that you have selected the correct Xero organisation for the Kounta Site to export to. 

  6. Once authorised, you will be redirected back to Kounta.

  7. The Xero organisation will now be connected to Kounta. You can remove the connection by selecting the trashcan icon under Action.

Configuring Tax Types For Xero

When connecting Kounta with Xero you will need to ensure you tax codes correlate with the codes used in your Xero account.

You will need to configure the tax codes via the Xero Tax Types tab within the Xero configuration area.

This can be found via

  1. Select Xero

  2. Tap Configuration

  3. Select Xero Tax Types

For Australian companies see below.

For New Zealand Companies see below


Configuring your Account Codes

Next step is to map your chart of accounts

Familiarise yourself with your Chart of Accounts by following Xero's Chart of Accounts guide or speaking to your Accountant then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Sites

  2. Select the relevant Site

  3. Go to Add Ons

  4. Select Xero

  5. Tap Configuration

  6. Enter the relevant account codes (not names) to map up to Xero


- Default Sales Income Accounts is where we declare all of your recorded sales (individual income accounts can be setup on each item via Products - Edit - Accounting or via Import)

- Default Clearing Account is where we declared all of your counted money (individual clearing accounts can be setup for each Payment Type via Company - Payment Types)

- Cash In Account where we declare any additional non-income monies being added to your counted amounts

- Cash Out Account where we declare any expense/reduction in monies from your counted amounts 

- Balance Account where we declare any variance between your recorded sales and counted monies 

- Prepayments Account when you process payments against an account or lay-by order we currently account for this as a 'pre-payment' to balance the additional amounts that will show in your Clearing Accounts. Once the order is fully paid, we convert the prepayments to income for that sale.
This is typically setup as a Current Liability, note we write this as a credit ie $10 cash payment would add +$10 to your Prepayments Account and -$10 to your Cash clearing account.

(Your Xero Accounts CANNOT be connected to a 'Bank Feed' as we are unable to add information to these accounts).

Also ensure that the Xero Accounts are enabled to allow payments to the selected Accounts. To do this head to the Chart of Accounts and click on the account to 'Edit Account Details'. Select the checkbox Enable Payments to this Account.

(This is available in Xero under the Settings -> Chart of Accounts link)

Exporting to Xero

Once setup tap the Export to Xero tab to see a list of exportable Takings Reports. If there are no Takings Reports showing you may need to Finalise Takings first.

Press on the  to export the report to Xero or  to ignore the Takings Record.

The Takings records are written to Xero as a Draft Invoice. For directions to view, edit, publish and delete draft invoices, see the guide from Xero below.

Draft Invoices

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  • Avatar
    Kristy Williams

    Are there any known issues with the export function. ie things we can check so we do not receive the attached error?

    Are the exports automatic for each or do we need to manually export each day?

  • Avatar

    Hi Kristy

    This sounds like you need to remove your Xero connection and refresh it. Follow the steps below

    - Disable the integration for each site

    - Delete the connections at the top of the Xero page

    - Reconnect to Xero

    - Enable the site

    - Try again

    If that doesn't work please let us know.

    Currently each report needs to be exported or ignored by clicking the export button

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