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Integration - PayPal Checkin (discontinued)

Josh -

The team from PayPal have recently decided to discontinue the PayPal Checkin payment option over the coming months and businesses will no longer be able to accept check-in payments. 

What do you need to do? (see steps below)
If you haven’t done so already, you will need to remove check-in as a payment type in Kounta and remove the locations of your businesses in the PayPal app so they no longer show.

All merchants have been informed about the upcoming changes from the team at PayPal. If you have any queries about your PayPal account, you can contact the team at PayPal on 1800 461 973.

Disabling the PayPal Add On

  1. Select Sites

  2. Go to Add Ons in your Kounta Back Office

  3. Click on PayPal

  4. Click Disable PayPal

Removing the PayPal Payment Option

  1. Go to Back Office > Company Settings

  2. Click on the Payment Types tab 

  3. Untick the Quick Checkout option from the PayPal payment method

  4. Click Save All and sync (POS > Menu top left > Sync) the POS for the changes to take affect.
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