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Importing Your Products - Bulk import




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    Hayley Slater

    So the assumption is that if I export the existing product list from Kounta and update certain product fields on the excel i.e. Sell Account and then import back onto Kounta that the products will auto update with this 'new' data. And if I wanted to add multiple new products (i.e. if I have a new menu) that I can complete the export the existing list, add the new items and complete all fields (except the ID) that this will bulk upload? Thanks.

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    Hi Hayley,

    You're pretty much spot on.

    If you leave the ID on a row then it will update the fields you have changed
    If the ID field is empty then it creates a new product
    You don't need the existing products when reimporting so feel free to remove them from the sheet if you wish.

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    D Richardson1985


    Is there a way to link component products in the .CSV file? EG: A Keg of beer product linked to Pint and 1/2 Pint products. I can't see this option anywhere? It works using the "Made Here" options in the Back Office but is there a way to Setup these links when importing the .CSV product list?


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    I would also like this - way to import all variants of each product as every one of our products comes in 3 sizes and 3 price tiers.

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    Oscar Healthcare Furniture

    --I was trying to upload products ... I tried 5000 products to upload could not finish as it was too big.
    --Then I tried to upload 180 products and it is 2nd day today and could not upload. Is there any reason why the product is not importing ?
    --We are thinking to use kounta POS commercially but before start using we need to make sure it works.
    -- Another problem is we could not search product by model from product page. It is very important to have a search query by model number.
    --- Finally Kounta does not allow company logo on receipt which will not help any company to grow. As branding is one of the most important issue to grow any business.

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    Scott Griffin

    The import is stuck?! how do i cancel it?

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    Andrew Sturges

    I am in the same boat as Scott, I set a file to import and it errored, I fix the error in the spreadsheet and went to upload it again and the system will not let me choose a new file. I have cleared browser history and the fault remains.

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    Storm Dutton

    Same boat as Andrew and Scott!

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    Jen Hanrahan

    Yes - definitely need a way to import variations/variable products. Clothing/footwear/apparel stores add hundreds of new items each season (with numerous sizes each) - each size with its own barcode. Doing it manually this way won't cut it https://support.kounta.com/hc/en-us/articles/203349590-Create-Products-with-Variants

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    Indra Elnino

    I've uploaded the file to csv format and success but there is absolutely no change

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    Indra Elnino

    I also edit in accounting menu "i sell buy" becomes no and the inventory of the menu made here into purcahased in individual, but returned to normal can not be changed

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