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Setup Kounta Production Printing (Kitchen Printing)

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To setup your printers so they can print Production Dockets follow the steps in this guide.

This can only be setup for Kounta App Printing or Epson TMi Intelligent printing.

Once you have setup your printers follow the steps below to setup production dockets:

    1. Login to Kounta Back Office

    2. Tap Sites or mySite

    3. Select a Site (mySite, go to step 4)

    4. Tap on Printers

Simple or Complex Kitchen Printing 

You need to decide how complex your printing setup is using the 
Production Printing options.


A) Choose if you want All Items to All Printers (All products to print to all printers)


Choose Printer/Item Specific to specify what products will print to each printer (e.g. Drinks print to the Bar Printer, Food prints to the Kitchen Printer)

Products marked with "PRINT PRODUCTION TICKET" are the only items available for printing from this section. This can be edited via the Products Tab or was setup initially when performing your import.

If you setPrinter/Item Specific then you will see the edit icon  next the each printer. Clicking this will bring up a list of all items marked with Print Product Docket.

Simply tick the Categories or Products you want to print from that printer.

The TMi Epson Intelligent Printer is always called local_printer and it's name cannot be changed so use that to reference it is a kitchen printer or receipt printer.

For iPad printing, simply use the IP of the printer when creating a new Kitchen Printer, in this format

Split Production Docket Printing  

**Please note that this feature is not currently available for Bluetooth Printing.

In complex environments you can use the TMi (intelligent printing) or Kounta App to send multiple dockets to the same printer and split the products to print separate production dockets.

  1. Go to Sites > Printers

Intelligent Print Server method
(scroll down for Kounta App Printing method)

  1. Scroll down to the printer names to create an additional printer name.

    Kounta App Printing Method

    You will need to create a new printer name with the same IP Address as the printer you want to split or duplicate. You can give the printers different names.

    EPSON TM Intelligent Printing Method

    You will need to create a new printer with the same printer name as on the Intelligent Printer Server followed by a pipe symbol | and a label e.g. food.

    The | pipe character (Shift + \) needs to be entered after the printer name to add a label to the printer.
    Printer name: (local_printer|label) if you are using Epson TMi Intelligent printing.

    For example:
    local_printer would become: local_printer|food

    Then rename the old one:
    local_printer|drink for the intelligent printer or Kitchen|drink for a secondary printer setup through the Intelligent Print Server.

  2. Once done ensure the Printer Configuration Level is set to Item/Printer Specific then Save.

  3. Going back in now you should be able to see a  next to each printer where you can then tick the items you want printed. Tick the same items on both printers for duplication.

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