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Adding Products

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Kounta provides an easy to use Product Management system that can be accessed from anywhere.
Once you understand the information in this article you are well on the way to have a powerful self supported platform to empower your business.


Adding New Products

Head into Back Office > Menu > Products

Now tap on The Blue Add Product Button to the left of the screen.

You will see a panel slide out, from here you can quickly add the basic information for the product.

The name is required

Category is optional - note that if you don't enter a category it won't show on the POS

The price is INCLUSIVE of tax


Products - Advanced Settings
Once added you can search for the item and press the EDIT icon to manage further information about the product.
Learn How


Products - Import from CSV
You can also import your products all at one time using a computer and a CSV file
Learn How


Products - Creating Variants
Once you have products in Kounta you can create variants of these products quickly an easily
Learn How


Products - Creating Modifiers
Kounta also supports Modifiers, these allow you to make quick modifications to existing items
Learn How


Products - Managing Inventory
Managing stock and inventory can also be handled in Kounta
Learn How


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