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Add On - Inventory

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What it Does

Managing your inventory in Kounta is really simple. Create, email and receive purchase orders from anywhere leveraging real-time inventory levels to ensure accurate and timely purchasing. Create variable stocktake lists to keep track of the high-value stock in your business. Leverage a powerful yet simple to use recipe builder to ensure you can automate stock consumption and get a timely cost of goods analysis on every item you sell.


Inventory is suitable for all businesses, no matter the size or location that want to be able to accurately track, monitor and report on stock levels. 

For Example:

  • Food Truck
  • Cafe
  • Market Store
  • Large restaurant 
  • Retail Outlets 



  • Keep track of stock
  • Make well-informed stock ordering decisions 
  • Understand the movement of stock in your business

Enabling Inventory

Like all other Kounta built add-ons, Inventory is free and needs to be enabled through the "Add-On" section of back office.

To enable follow theses steps

  1. Tap Sites

  2. Select a Site

  3. Choose Inventory

  4. Tap Enable

Once enabled 2 new tabs called Purchases and Stocktake will show on your Site Level horizontal menu

Creating a Purchase Order


Following the steps below you can create and email a Purchase Order, then receive it to increase your stock levels.

1. Press Sites and select the Site Name

2. Select Purchases

3. Select Create New Purchase

4. You will then be provided with a list of your suppliers, or you can create a new one. To make a new supplier, click 'Create New Supplier' and enter their details. The e-mail address should be where you need the purchase order to send to. (Note: this will add a contact to the 'Suppliers' section of the "Contacts" section of Back Office)

5. If your supplier already exists however, simply click their name. 




6. You will now be on the purchase order screen.

7. Enter the Delivery Date

8. Add the Items and Quantity of what you need. (If you have mapped your products to this supplier products will auto-fill, if not you will need to enter them manually.)

7. Save as a Draft once complete



8. After Saving as a Draft you will be able to Preview or Email the purchase order directly.

9. Once the Goods are delivered, reopen the Purchase Order, enter the Invoice Number and mark as Received  

Perform a Stocktake

Following these steps you can perform a stocktake, once submitted a stocktake will update your current stock levels to whatever you declare, if you do not declare a field there will be no change.

Learn more about performing stocktakes and inventory counts


Component Stock / Recipes and Purchase Formats

We can link stock levels to other products, and convert product purchase formats as well.
This function is covered in-depth on it's own guide.



Report on Stock Levels

If you want to review the current stock level for a given item at a give site follow the steps below.

 1. Go to Reports

2. Select Current Stock

3. Select the Site

4. It will automatically retrieve the current stock level once you select the Site 




Map Products to a Supplier

You can also map products to a supplier, so that when you want to create a Purchase Order for this supplier, all these products will automatically load on the purchase order. All you would need to do is fill the quantity.

(Note: Your supplier must already exist in the system. This is covered in an earlier stage of this guide).

  1. Go to Back Office

  2. Go to Products

  3. Go to the new Suppliers tab

  4. For each product, use the drop-down menu to select a default supplier for this product.



As you can see, when we now make a Purchase Order for "Smallville Produce" the two products we selected are now loaded up by default. If we leave a quantity out on this purchase order, the product will not appear on the final purchase order.

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    Amber Scott

    Am trying to enter a purchase and line totals are correct and GST provision correct but total of invoice is completely incorrect. trying to save the purchase as a draft so that I can come back to it later and not have to re-enter everything and I get an "unable to process your request' message

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    Hi Amber, our Support team will get in touch with you directly on this to ensure you're up and running.

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