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Inventory Management Overview

Your cost of goods is one of the biggest expenses to your business and when you're busy juggling the many challenges of a business, it can also be one of the biggest pain points. 

Fear not, Lightspeed's many inventory management features are here to help!

With Lightspeed Inventory Management, you can; place & track orders with your suppliers from one place, keep waste under control, easily maintain the right stock levels, and report on it all in just a few taps. With the proper Insights into your inventory, you can take real action to reduce your expenses, increase your profitability and, potentially save your business thousands. It's the easy way to not become just another hospitality statistic.


Inventory - What you can do


Monitor cost

Right after labour cost, the cost of goods is one of the biggest expenses to your business. Stay on top of your spending - monitor your cost of goods side-by-side with your revenue and gross profit.




Add supplier contacts

Centralise your communications with suppliers. Keep supplier details in one place that’s accessible to all. No more lost, outdated contact details - no more guesswork.




Set default suppliers

Now you can make purchasing stock even quicker. Link suppliers to the stock items you regularly buy to make ordering a breeze.




Send purchase orders

No more lost, redundant, or forgotten orders. With Purchase, getting stock into your business is simple, traceable, and connected to your inventory and accounting systems for dreamlike efficiency. It’s so easy, it’s fun.




Make recipes that update stock levels

In the high-pressure environment of hospitality, manually monitoring stock is added pain and time. So why wait if you can automate? Track your stock levels of ingredients with every product sold. 




Generate stock counts

Keep your stock levels up to date with ease using our Stock Counts feature!




Track wastage

Managing wastage is a challenge for many businesses in the hospitality industry - where to even start? With Lightspeed's Wastage feature you can easily submit Wastage from both Back Office and POS and and have it update seamlessly with your stock levels - giving you the visibility you need to act. 



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