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Register workflow settings

From a busy late-night bar to a full-service restaurant and everything in between - every venue is different. Registers should adjust to your workflow and not the other way around. It should be more flow and less work, right?

This seemingly minor setting in Lightspeed will streamline your workflow by changing the homepage of your POS based on each specific register. It will create a more seamless experience for your customers and enable your staff to maximise efficiency.




What's in this guide?

Register specific workflow settings

Finalise Sale Option (Post-sale landing page)

Sales screen default

Frequently Asked Questions


Register specific workflow settings


1. From Sites in theLightspeed Back Office, select Devices

2. Select the register you need to configure

3. Scroll down to Register Workflow




Finalise Sale Option (Post-sale landing page)


This sets the landing page after each and every sale. There are two options:


Go to Sales Page - keeps the same user logged in until they deliberately log out. The landing page is whatever is set as Sales Screen Default


Go to Users Page - logs the user out after finalizing an order or putting an order on hold. The landing page would be the users page where staff can log in. Use this when you are looking for detailed tracking of orders by staff members.


Pro Tip - If you will opt for Go to Users Page, removing the PIN requirement for your staff helps to speed up the workflow. But it is advisable you keep the PIN requirement for any staff with admin access or special permissions.
If you’d like staff to be focused on just their own orders, you may also want to explore staff level order control.


Sales Screen Default


This is the landing page of the staff when they login to the POS. It would also be the landing page after each and every sale if you chose Go to Sales Page in the previous setting.


You have three options for this:


New Sales - Allows staff to go straight back to selling (or the menu.) When speed of service is crucial, such as for registers that deal with a high volume of orders  - the best option for food retail businesses, quick service restaurants, cafes, and food trucks


Pro Tip -  Looking to speed things up even more? Remove the printing prompt by setting Customer Receipt Printing to Print receipts automatically


On Hold Orders - Allows staff to go straight to held or open orders - excellent for venues like bars that keep a lot of tabs open


Tables - If you have the Tables add-on enabled, the staff will be taken to your tables layout to see which tables have not ordered yet, which are waiting, and etc. This makes table service a lot faster and more responsive - best for restaurants


Note - Since these are register-specific settings, you can have one register that’s dedicated to takeaways, set to On Hold Orders; and another register that’s dedicated to table-service, set to Tables.




6. Select Save


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I adjust the workflow settings separately for each register?

Definitely - since different registers may do different things, you would need to configure these settings per individual register. Having different workflow settings is particularly useful if your layout includes a mix of registers where customers can line up and self-serve registers where customers can order from


What's my next step?


Did you know that you can also configure the production printing settings of each register? Custom production printing setups allow for faster workflows In mixed layouts where orders could be coming through different channels (e.g. from waiters and directly from baristas.)


Looking to customise your register’s name, receipt printing, input methods and more? Check out our advanced register settings in the Back Office


Have you added in your staff? Not only is this necessary for takings - adding in your staff can help you monitor attendance and track performance on Lightspeed.

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