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Kounta App Printing - Troubleshoot my Printer

Josh -

The Kounta (iPad and Android) App allows you to print to the standard range of Epson and Star printers.

If you are experiencing problems with your printer please try these basic troubleshooting steps.

1. Check the printer has power

2. Confirm the printer has paper and it properly seated. Sometimes you may need to open the printer and reseat the paper.

3. Confirm your network cable is securely connected to the printer and likewise to the router at the other end

4. Turn the printer off then on

5. Confirm your iPad/Tablet is on the right WiFi network

6. Restart the iPad app following steps below
- Press the Home Screen button (big round button on the iPad!)
- Double press the Home Screen again to bring up a list of running applications

- iOS 6 -  Press and hold on the Kounta icon until a small red minus shows. Press that to close Kounta completely
- iOS 7 or 8 - Scroll through the windows until you find Kounta, drag the window straight up to close Kounta completely.

- Reopen the Kounta app before testing the printing again

8. Restart your Router

9. Ensure you're using a supported printer from the list below

TM-T82 Ethernet
TM-T20 Ethernet
TM-T70 Ethernet
TM-T88V Ethernet
U220 Ethernet Impact Printer
Epson Intelligent printers (TM-T88V-i, TM-T82-i, TM-T70-i)

TSP-654 Ethernet
TSP-143 Ethernet


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