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Lightspeed App Printing - Setup & Configure


If you’re reading this, you’re looking to set up Lightspeed App printing, because your venue is only using iOS or Android at the POS.

If you use at least one Mac, Windows, or Commbank Albert as a POS, then you'll need Intelligent Printing instead.

Note - If you are looking to connect your Epson TM-m30 Bluetooth Printer then you should read our guide on Bluetooth Printing.

What’s in this guide?

Setting up my App printer system

 Frequently Asked Questions


What printers are compatible?

We have a guide that covers all of the compatible printers for each printing method.


Setting up Lightspeed App Printing

What do I need?

Get the printers ready - do these steps for all printers

1. Load them with paper. The paper should feed from under the roll

2. Connect these cables:

  • Power cable (& turned on)
  • Network/ ethernet cable (the other end plugged into the router)
  • And, cash drawer cable should be plugged - for any printers with which you plan to use a cash drawer
Pro Tip - The ethernet cable should always have a solid green light when plugged in. 
If you do not have a solid green light please check the cable is securely plugged into your router.



Get the IP addresses of each printer

The IP addresses are assigned by the router and, they are the unique identifier for each device on a network so they can all talk to each other. The IP address will be used for reference later.

An example of an IP address is or

Here is how to get a status sheet to know the IP address and DHCP of your printer:

  1. Grab a pen and hold in the status button at the back of the printer for three to four seconds - BUT no more that 5 seconds. WARNING: Holding the pen in for more than five seconds will factory reset the printer. If this happens you will need to read our guide on Enabling DHCP for your printer
  2. Find the details on the printout. Note down your IP address for reference once the printer is added.


3. If any of your printers printed this IP Address: and Acquiring field under (TCP/IP Status) shows Manual or if DHCP says Disabled, please go to the enabling DHCP guide first. 


Add your printers to Lightspeed

1. Log into Lightspeed

2. From My Sites/Sites in the Lightspeed Back Office, select Printers

3. Update each of the Production Printer Settings fields with the details below;

  • Production Printing Method: Lightspeed App Printing
  • Production printing Font Size: Normal
  • Production Printing: You can choose either All items to all printers or Printer/Item specific - the latter will allow you to assign products to print out as dockets to specific printers.



4. Select the red Save at the bottom of the page



Connect printers to your Lightspeed Kounta POS

1. Head on over to your POS on the Kounta by Lightspeed App

2. Select the menu on the left-hand side - then select Printing



3. The system should immediately start searching for your printers - hang tight. If not, select Search for Printers Again link

4. This will automatically add and connect the POS printers in the network. Once you see the dialog "Great we found some printers!", select Continue to Settings


5. Awesome, the printers on the same network are added! Select Test to see if the printer/s are working properly.


6.  In the same page, you can assign which printer will print receipts, open the cash drawer, and print production dockets. 


Pro Tip: This current printer page setting is specifically for enabling/disabling receipt printer, cash drawer (for the register you are currently viewing this page on) and kitchen docket printers (for the whole site).
  • Print Receipts and Open Drawer column settings can both enable or disable the function, but can also be assigned to a different printer (useful if your receipt printer suddenly dies).
    • *Note: It will only allow you to enable one receipt printer and one cash drawer at a time for the specific register you are on. If you need to set a receipt printer and cash drawer, you will need to load the Printing page from each register device.
    • This setting is equivalent to the setting in the Back Office under My Site/Sites > Devices > Printers tab.
    • Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_6.53.14_am.png
  • Print Dockets column setting can only be used to disable (or re-enable) production dockets from a specific register, orders "sent" to the kitchen from this register when turned off will never print.
    • *Note: This setting is equivalent to the setting in the Back Office under My Site/Sites > Printers tab. Once you set this on one register, it will enable production print for all registers.Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_6.55.50_am.png




Frequently Asked Questions

After following the setup guide above, my printers are still not printing as they should?

In terms of configuration on the app, ensure that these two settings are the same for the Printing Method


Site Level Register Level
Go to My Site/Sites > Printers tab

Go to My Site/Sites > Devices tab > Choose a register > Printers tab

Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_7.02.47_am.png Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_7.04.36_am.png


How do I download the Kounta by Lightspeed App?

You can download the Kounta by Lightspeed app on Android and iOS. Learn about best practices on downloading app. 


Can I print wirelessly?

Indeed you can! For this, you would need a printer with a Bluetooth printer. Learn all about using Bluetooth printers. 


Do I need an intelligent printer?

Intelligent printers can be used but are not necessary for this setup.

Take note that if you use an intelligent printer in the App Printing system, it will have the basic functionality of a non-intelligent printer. This is because the intelligent function of the intelligent printer is not needed for Lightspeed App Printing.


My IP address is; what do I do?

This is a sign that your DHCP is disabled.

In some printers, the status sheet printout would say that the DHCP is disabled.

If you encounter any of these, please go to the enabling DHCP guide first.


What is the best layout for my hardware?

Are you currently completing your hardware system? We’re here to help.

We have hardware layouts that we recommend for different stores. You can also check out what hardware (apart from printers) work well with your Lightspeed system.


What is 'Switch to Multicast for Epson Printers' 

Epson printers work over your local network and while Epson printers will work with 95% of Wireless Routers after setting up printing using the steps above, some users may find that their printers may not print at all or their printing is delayed after performing setup. 

If you see this try enabling this switch in the iOS Settings > Point of Sale menu and see if performance improves.


Does Lightspeed support printers with Chinese characters?

Yes, we sell a range of printers that support the Chinese font type, you can find out more by reaching out to our Hardware experts at or by selecting the Hardware option in our in-app chat who can discuss the options with you.
The following models support Chinese characters:
  • TM-M30II 
  • TM-T88 mk7 
  • TM-U220B 
  • TM-T82III

It's not yet possible for the font type to be loaded on existing printers. 

Does Lightspeed support the ability to print in colour?

The TM-U220B which is the Epson Kitchen printer with an ink ribbon will print Products in Black and Modifiers in Red as long as you’ve got a red/black ink ribbon in place.

Can I use the same printer for 2 (or more) different sites in the same building?

Yes, you can, as long as they’re on the same network.


What's my next step?

Maximise efficiency by printing your order dockets straight to the kitchen. Configure your production printing to suit your layout.



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