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Printing with Kounta

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Kounta supports many options when it comes to printing. There are a few different Printing Methods that you can use depending on the device (POS register) you are using and the functionality that you require.

Click here for more information on Compatible Devices (e.g Mac, PC, iPad, Android).

View the Printing Method Guide to find out about available functionality and device compatibility.

You can also purchase and have compatible hardware setup through certified Kounta and MYOB Kounta Partners.

Click here to find a Kounta Hardware Partner

Click here to find an MYOB Kounta Partner 

Click on the Printing Methods below for compatible printer models and setup steps.

Kounta App Printing (Requires iPad or Android App)

The Kounta App printing method allows your iPad or Android Tablet to communicate directly with compatible Epson or Star (iPad App only) ethernet printers.

Enables you to split dockets to multiple printers, pop cash drawers, print receipts, immediately from any iPad or Android tablet on your network.

Compatible Printers

TM-T82II Ethernet
TM-T20 Ethernet
TM-T70 Ethernet
TM-T88V Ethernet
TM-M30 Ethernet
U220 Ethernet Impact Printer
Epson Intelligent printers (work as their base model with the App e.g. T82-i works as a T82)

Star (iPad App only)
TSP-100 Ethernet
TSP-654 Ethernet

Click here for Kounta App Printing Setup. 

Epson TM Intelligent Printing 

The Epson Intelligent range allows your browser to communicate directly with your printer. It can also delegate print jobs to a range of normal (secondary) Epson ethernet printers. Therefore with only one Intelligent printer (lead) you can power a number of secondary Epson ethernet printers and can create complex printing setups quickly and simply.

Compatible Printers

Lead Epson Intelligent Printers 
Epson TM-T88V-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
Epson TM-T82-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
Epson TM-T70-i Intelligent Cloud Printer

Secondary Epson Printers
T82 Ethernet
T20 Ethernet
T70 Ethernet
T88V Ethernet
U220 Ethernet

Click here for Epson Intelligent Printing Setup.  


The PowaPOS T-Series is a small all in one hardware solution that includes a thermal printer, barcode scanner, stand and charger in an all in one solution. This is a great solution for users who do not have access to a wireless router as an iPad with a Cellular (3G/4G) internet connection can be used. 

Compatible Printers
PowaPOS T25

Browser Printing

Browser printing allows Kounta to trigger the print command on either Chrome or Safari. This allows existing printers that have been setup with Windows or Mac computers to produce receipts and pop the cash drawer for supported printers.

As Kounta cannot communicate directly with the printers this is not a printing method that we support or recommend for permanent use.

Click here for more information on Kounta compatible Hardware

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