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Creating and Assigning Modifiers

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What is a Modifier?
A Modifier is a Product that can indicates a change, addition or variation to the product before it. With Modifiers you can add skim milk to a coffee, tell the chef to cook a steak rare or choose the drink and chip size for a combo. Whilst you alter the quantity of a product as Modifiers are applied to Products, they will always only have a quantity of 1, so 2 sugars could be a modifier name or the sugar Modifier could be applied twice to indicates two sugars in a coffee for example.

How Modifiers Print
Modifiers will print on production docket with a + symbol before them to indicate a they are an addition. They will also print on receipts and can modify the price of a product by adding or subtracting depending on the price applied to the Modifier. If your integrated printer supports red printing (e.g. Epson U220), Modifiers and Product Notes will print in Red. $0 Modifiers will only print on production dockets but not on tax invoices (receipts) as they are not modifying the price, so customers won't have to see unnecessary modifications on receipts (e.g. cooking instructions).

Assigning Modifiers to Products
Kounta currently provides a few methods for assigning Modifiers to Products 

Setup Onscreen Modifiers 

On screen modifiers are very simple and quick to setup. They show as a normal Product tile on the Sales Screen provided they are assigned a category but are marked with a small M in the bottom right. 

These modifiers are created in the same manner as a normal Product except you tick the "Is Modifier" checkbox in Back Office > Products > Small cog to right of product line. Then change the This is a modifier slider from: 


You can also apply this setting to multiple Products fast and easily using the Product Import method.

Selling with "On Screen" Modifiers

When you select a modifier on the sales screen they will append to the last  Product entered. They cannot be sold on their own so you will need to have a Product applied to a sale before adding a modifier to the Product.

You can return to an item and remove a modifier by selecting it in the receipt panel, then pressing the modifiers link at the top of the page.

Setup "Popup" Modifiers

Popup Modifiers allow you to prompt a decision about a product onto the operator by presenting specified modifiers to apply to a Product. This is useful for making sure your staff ask how the customer would like a steak cooked for example or to prompt staff to ask about deals or promotions you may have running.

Another method of applying modifiers that pop up upon selecting a Product would be to assign Option Sets. The difference with Option Sets is that you can present multiple groups of modifiers and apply Products to pop up also.

To create popup modifiers, you would first need to Create a Product for each option you would like to popup. The popup options can either be existing Products or Modifiers

Then, You'll need to select a product to assign popup Modifiers to.

You can find a list of your products by heading to Back office> Products. You can then select a product by tapping the small cog icon to the right of the product line.

Adding Modifiers to a Product

  1. Head to the Modifiers tab.

  2. Select the Add Modifier button.

  3. Tap the Search for a product field.

  4. Start typing the name of an existing Product or Modifier e.g. 'Skim Milk' 

  5. When Skim Milk shows, tap to select it.

    Enter a price that you want this 'modifier' to be sold at when used in conjunction to the product you're editing e.g. Sauce is $2 when sold with a $10 Steak.

    If you select an existing Product, you can apply a price that differs from the individual Products price. e.g. Chips are normally $5, when applied as a Popup Modifier option they are $2, with the $10 Steak.

  6. Tap Add Modifier.

Once you have added a few popup Modifiers it will look like this

You can drag and drop the modifiers using the arrow icon, to change the order in which they appear on the Sales Screen.


Selling with "Popup" Modifiers 

Your new list of modifiers will now popup whenever you select that item and look like this.

You can add multiple Modifiers as shown below.

Or use the NO button to apply a NO (insert product name modifier). Very useful for dished like a big breakfast where people may want it with no bacon. See the example below.

You can hit the X next to any selected modifier to remove it from the list.

When you have the Modifiers you want hit Save to add it to the list of products to be sold.

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    Al Jones

    If the modifier is a product that I inventory, will that be taken out of inventory when it is selected?

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