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Creating and Selling with Product Modifiers

Please note: We do not recommend the use of modifiers when using an Online Ordering service. Please use Option Sets instead.

Easily handle product modifications.

Record item changes, such as no salad or extra bacon, in just a few taps. Print them clearly on production dockets so that customers get exactly what they ordered.

A modifier cannot be purchased alone, but they can have their own price (or discount) if you need.

Often used for:  

  • Soy milk for that latte
  • Rare for that cut of steak
  • No cheese on that burger
  • **Gluten Free** on that <insert dish here>




What’s in this guide?

On-screen modifiers or Product-linked option set - which is better?
On-screen modifiers ‘The Time Savers’ 
--Setup on-screen modifiers
--Add on-screen modifiers to an order
--Remove on-screen modifiers from an order 
Product-linked option set 'The Flow Setters'
--Setup menu modifiers via product-linked option sets
--Add product-linked options to an order
--Remove product-linked options from an order 
Frequently Asked Questions


On-screen modifiers or product-linked option set - which is better?


You can use both!

These two can achieve the same outcome in different ways.

It’s a matter of (1) where you want modifiers to appear and (2) whether or not you want them to be linked to a particular product.

Here is a cheat sheet on deciding when to use which modifier! 


Here is how on-screen modifiers and product-linked option sets compare in achieving one outcome:


On-screen modifiers ‘The Time Savers’ 

  • Common modifications or notes for products within the same category (e.g. type of milk for coffee)
  • Shows in the category (e.g. coffee) along with the products (e.g. latte - regular)


Setup on-screen modifiers 

Modifiers are created the same way you create basic products - with just one twist.

1. Under Products from your Back Office, add a product as normal.

2. After the modifier is added as a product, select the cog icon beside it


3. When you reach the Product Details page of the product, scroll down to the Product Options section and, set Make this product a modifier to Yes


4. Select Save at the bottom of the page.

Pro Tip - If you are looking to toggle these switches for lots of modifiers, you should read our guide on Bulk Editing with .CSV


Add on-screen modifiers to an order

Now that have created your modifiers, here is how you will use them at the Point-of-Sale:

1. From your Point-of-Sale, select the product you need to modify

2. Then, select the modifier

3. Success! It will appear in the order summary like this:


Note - the elegant & power-saving dark mode is now available on POS. Check out this guide on how you can activate it.


Remove on-screen modifiers from an order 

You can remove a modifier that you’ve attached to a product while taking the order. Here’s how:

1. Select the product from the order summary to edit the order

2. Select Modifiers


3. You will be taken to the Modifiers page. Select Remove beside the modifier you want to remove 

4. Select Save



Product-linked option set 'The Flow Setters' 

Product-linked modifiers...

  • Useful for:
    • Grouping multiple modifiers into a sequence
    • Prompting important questions (e.g. steak temperature or how would you like your eggs cooked)
    • Upselling
    • Combo meals ( different options for each course, side or drink)
    • Adding or removing Ingredients
  • Shows as a list of options after the product is selected
  • Can be set to auto-prompt


 Setup menu modifiers via product-linked option sets

Once you have added your modifiers to your menu, you can now group them into an option set and link them to a product 

1. Under Products from the Back Office, select the Option Sets tab

2. Select Create Option Set


3. Give your option set a name. In this example, we are going with “1 Milk Options”  

4. And select Create


Pro Tip - Putting a number before the name is a good way to automatically establish sequence for multiple option sets. (e.g. 1 Milk Options, 2 Strength, 3 Temperature etc.) - These can also be manually re-ordered

5. Add your options - in this case, these are your modifiers.


  • Add an option: Input the name of the different options one at a time (e.g. Almond Milk). Once you start typing, this will search your menu for the modifiers you have made
  • (Price)$: This will pre-fill based on the default price for the modifier for when you originally created it - you can choose to change the price to have a unique price when in this option set from this page.
  • Tax: Select applicable tax


6. Select the plus icon on the right to add this modifier to your option set.

Pro Tip - If you’ve forgotten to add your modifiers to your menu already and, can’t find it when adding your options, you can create it here by giving it a name, a price and a tax. 

7. For more optional settings, select Rules 


  • Minimum Selection: Force your staff to select a minimum number of options - Perfect for mandatory questions.  
  • Maximum Selection: This will give a limit to how many options your staff can select for this option set
  • Show Option Prefixes (No, Extra, Side, Only): Set to Yes if you want these additional instructions to show along with the Options you set.

These fields should auto-save



Now that we’ve made our option sets, we can link these to our products 

8. Select the Link to Products tab at the top of the Option Sets page

9. Use the search bar to search for the products you are going to be adding your option set to - this will recognise either the product name, any product tags or, the category 

10. Fill in the following fields under the product:  


  • Linked Option Sets: Input the name of the Option Set here. (e.g 1 Milk Options).
  • Auto-Prompt on POS: This must be set to Yes so that it shows up automatically on the POS

Add product-linked options to an order

1. From the  Point of Sale, place your order as normal

2. Immediately, it will show your set of options (if the auto prompt is on). As you select more options, it will update on the order summary:


3. Select Save

4. You’ll be redirected to the main screen and the order will look like this:



 Remove product-linked options to an order


1. At Point-of-Sale, select the product initials or image from the order list

2. It will take you to the editing page

3. Select Options 


4. You will be taken to the Options page. Select the X beside the modifiers to remove them

5. Select Save 



Frequently Asked Questions


Option Sets and modifiers - are they the same thing?

Option Sets and modifiers are separate features on Lightspeed. However, option sets can be used to group together menu modifiers.


How do I reorder modifiers and option sets on the POS 

You can rearrange On-screen Modifiers the same way as products. Learn how you can rearrange products on the POS.

As for product-linked option sets, the way to rearrange them is in the Back Office. Learn how you can rearrange option sets and options.


Can I add my modifiers in bulk?

Yes you can! Learn how to add and edit products and modifiers in bulk using a CSV file.\


I am not seeing the Option Sets Tab - How do I enable it?

1. If you haven’t already enabled Option Sets, go to the Option Sets addon page

2. Select Enable Option Sets


How else can I maximise Lightspeed's menu tools? 

  • Lightspeed’s Option sets makes this all possible. Option sets allows you to customise your menu workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • If you sell a product in different sizes, flavours or with any other variable attribute, check out Product Variants  - this will allow you to sell as many product variations as you need - all in a neat and tidy menu.
  • Need flexibility in entering quantities and prices at the POS - like when selling by the ounce or kilo? Now you can set specific products to automatically ask staff to enter a quantity or price using Variable Quantities and Prices.
  • Need to add product description, tags, barcodes, and the like? Check out advanced product settings!




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