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Creating Your First Add-On

Josh -

Now you have created your first Kounta you can register you own app!

Step 1 Create your own Kounta account

Step 2 - Complete your Developer certification via Partners > Get Certified

Once certified by our Partner team you can get started by creating an app

Step 1 - Click Menu > Sites > Choose a site > Add-Ons

Step 2 - Click Create a New Add-On 

Note: Only the user who completed the certification can see this tile and only on the Site that has been upgraded to a Partner account


Step 3 - Awesome, you now have created your first Kounta App! This page will show you all the basic information your Add-On will need.


Step 4 - Once you press save you can see all your Add-Ons via the Add Ons page.


Step 5 - You can Edit or Delete your Add-Ons by hovering over the Add-Ons Tile


You now have your very own KountaAdd-Ons we look forward to seeing what you can build!

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