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Developers - Create Your First Add-On



Lightspeed has been developed with the flexibility and scalability to allow most services to easily and effectively build integrations to their services via our open REST API.

Note: Looking for our API Documentation, you can find that here

What's in this guide?

How do I get API Access?

Complete your Developer certification

How to Create a Custom Add-On

View/ Edit/ Delete the add-on

How do I get API Access?

Lightspeed  has two methods for obtaining access to the API.

Existing Software Platform or Service

If you have an existing service and would like to discuss a Partnership for listing your product as an integration on our Marketplace & reaching thousands of Lightspeedcustomers.

You can apply here for a Developer Certification Partnership.

Lightspeed Customers wanting to build a Custom-Add-on for their Site/Company

If you’re an existing Lightspeed customer and you would like to source a Developer to build a custom integration for your venue, we have an API Plan available that will grant you API Access and provide you with the credentials you need to build an integration with your own Lightspeed O-Series company.

If you’re interested in exploring this option, please reach out to who'll be able to direct you to our Professional Services team.


Complete your Developer Certification Application

1. Create a Lightspeed Account

First step, You will need to first create your own Lightspeed Kounta2. Apply for a Developer Certification Partnership

Once you have created your account, log in to Back Office & select Find a Partner in Back Office


On the next page select Get Certified and scroll down to Developer and select Apply


The Lightspeed API is available to Certified Developers.

Once you have submitted your application, that will be sent through to our Partnerships team to review, If you pass our certification, we will be able to grant you access to the API to develop your add-on.

Want to follow up on the status of your application?

You can email to follow up on your Developer application.


How to create a Custom Add-On

Once certified by our Partnerships Team you can get started by creating an app from Back Office.

  • Select Sites in Back Office
  • Select Integrations
  • You will see a blue ‘Create a new Integration’ button, select this to create your custom add-on.


Note - Your site gets upgraded into a Partner account once you are certified. This tile will only be visible to the user who completed the certification and only on the Site that has been upgraded to a Partner account. 

View/ Edit/ Delete the add-on

Let's take a look at what details there are within the integration tile that appears. 

Once you enter the integration you will see the information below. 



You can give your App a name. There is also information such as your Redirect URI, ClientID and Client Secret available here. Please take time to go through the details. This is where you can configure your add-on. From here you can visit our API docs -

This has all the information you will need to create your app. 

Loyalty Apps

If you are looking to create a loyalty app, please configure the information in the Loyalty tab


Payments App

Payment Apps can use the Payments Tab to configure their payment endpoints 



What’s Next?

API Documentation

We are constantly updating our API so our API Documentation is the best place to find out more about the API. 

Developer Support

We have a fantastic Developer Support Team that is available to all Certified and Approved Developers, you are able to reach them during business hours via



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