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Holding an Order/Sale (Tabs, Tables and More)

Josh -

Often you will need to create an order now and pay for it later. This could be a bar tab, a table, a customer going to get cash, or a customer who hasn't fully decided on what they want.

Holding an Order/Sale is quick and easy, additionally, you can add a note and link a customer to an order to help you identify it later.

Once an Order is Held you can Merge Orders to combine multiple orders into one or Split Orders to separate items onto a separate Order. 

Holding an Order

  1. Go to POS

  2. Start entering items

  3. Click on the Hand Icon in the top right to place the order On Hold

Adding a Note

You can easily add a description or number to an order here. Once added simply Save to return to editing the order, or Hold to immediately put the order in the Orders view.


Adding a Customer

Adding a customer allows you to easily identify the order later but also capture more information like an address, phone number or email.

You can create a new customer or search for an existing one then press Save to return to the order. You can also unlink a customer from a transaction to add a different customer.

Retrieving an Order

After being Held an order can be retrieved for further additions or payment. Orders are filtered into Orders (Open), Pending (Online Orders), Accounts, Lay-bys.

  1. Click on the Order Icon in the top right.

  2. Select the Orders tab to view all Open Orders.

  3. Select the Order to open/ retrieve the Order for editing or payment.

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