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How to hold an order with Lightspeed


When you need to send an order to be made now, but paid later it is quick and easy.


This could be a bar tab, a table, a customer going to get cash, or a customer who hasn't fully decided on what they want.


It's quick and easy, additionally, you can add a note and link a customer to an order to help you identify it later.


If you are holding orders for Table Service - then you should check out our Tables add-on.

1. When holding an order to be paid later - you will want to make sure you have a memorable order note so that you can pick it out easier later.


2. After we have taken our order - we can simply select Send this will send to the order to the kitchen or other production areas and save it in the Orders tab.


3. To open a held order just select it from the orders tab.

- You will need permissions from your manager before you can delete a held order.


4. If your manager has set up customer accounts, when checking out you simply need to select On Account 


5. You will be prompted to confirm the customer's account.


6. To see a customers account history or to take payment for an account, simply open the orders tab then select Accounts or the menu button top left and Accounts


Well done! You can now hold an order to be paid later. 


What's my next step?


Next up, is how to split or merge orders.


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