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Different Ways to Checkout a Sale

Raymond -

There are several different methods to apply payment to an order, we will step through each below and suggest the situations appropriate for each.



1. Fast Cash

Great for high volume venues with easy to calculate change amounts, once you have the items on your order simply hit FAST CASH BUTTON (lightning icon) and the order will be finalised immediately and the cash drawer opened. This will not calculate your change.




2. Quick Checkouts

First select Check Out and then the payment types will popup. The payment types listed here will immediately finalise and open the drawer

(If you need to add more payment types check out our Adding Payment Types guide)



The More Cash option will also show a number pad to allow you to enter the amount of cash to tender as well as some quick suggested amounts at the top of the panel. Using this will help calculate your change, which will shown in the bottom right under the receipt panel.






3. Split Payments

If you need to split the payment, or use multiple payment types, please see our Applying Part Payments guide. But ultimately it's as simple as clicking Split Payment when checking out a sale.




4. Receipt Printing

If you need to manually print a receipt, select the receipt button and click Sub-Total
Note: If you need to make changes to how receipts are printed, check out our guide for Automatic Receipt Printing


 If the sale was already checked out, and you need to reprint a receipt, you can find the sale in History and re-print it from there.




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