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Integration - Tanda

Integration - Tanda


Tanda provides users with a powerful platform to manage rostering, timesheets and payroll. You can SMS rosters to staff and customise messages for individual staff members. And when payday draws near, you can process your entire payroll in 5 minutes with smooth accounting integration.


Time and Attendance data from Lightspeed is automatically pulled across to populate timesheets within Tanda. Sales data from Lightspeed is also imported to help you compare staff coverage with historical sales trends for more effective rostering.


This guide covers how to integrate your Lightspeed to Tanda and the fundamental settings you’d need.




What's in this guide?


Before you begin

Enable the Tanda Integration

Sync timesheet and import sales data

Sync / Edit your integration settings

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


Setting up your Lightspeed - Tanda Integration is fast and easy. But first, you would need:

Note - If you ever encounter any issues with settings from the Tanda page, the Tanda Support Team will be able to help. You can reach them via chat on their website, via email or via phone:
  • Australia - 1300 859 117
  • US - 888 469 5040
  • UK - 0333 577 2373


Enable the Tanda Integration


1. From the Add-ons Page in Lightspeed Back Office, find the Tanda add-on



2. Enable this Add-on by clicking on the orange Enable Tanda button



3. Once Tanda is enabled, select Configuration - this will take you to your Tanda page if you’re signed in or to the login page



4. Select the Settings icon on the upper right corner - then select Add-ons
5. Select Sales & Revenue



6. You will be taken to this page. Select the Lightspeed tab - then select Connect to Lightspeed



7. When you see this dialogue box, make sure that the correct company is selected - then select Grant Access



Sync timesheet and import sales data


8. Connection is done! Now for the settings. On the same page, you will be able to:

  • Update Tanda timesheets when staff clock in via Lightspeed - Tick the box beside Use Lightspeed as a time clock too
  • Include sales taxes from totals when importing sales data - Tick the box beside Include sales tax in revenue totals



Sync / Edit your integration settings


To edit the above settings of this integration, simply access the Lightspeed tab

1. Select the Settings icon on the upper right corner - then select Add-ons

2. Select Sales & Revenue

3. This should automatically open the Lightspeed tab, if not, select Lightspeed


Note - Syncs on Tanda occur every 15 minutes - as of the moment, there is no way to manually force the sync.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Integrating Lightspeed with your Tanda account comes at no additional fee. However, you would need an account with Tanda which has its own pricing


Can I test this integration on Tanda’s free trial?

If you are still giving Tanda a try, you will be able to see how it would work with you Lightspeed by following the steps above. For this, you’d need a paid Lightspeed plan.


Can I plan the employee schedules from Lightspeed?

You would need to plot the schedule from Tanda. The role of Lightspeed is it captures employee clock ins and sales volume. This data is then fed to Tanda. Sales volume can be used as a basis for effective scheduling or for analysing labor cost - while clock ins will go straight into the Tanda timesheets.


Can I sync employee data from Lightspeed?

As of the moment, Tanda does not have this function. The quickest way to do this would be to upload staff information in bulk via CSV - for this, you’d need their import template


What's my next step?


Have you added in your staff? When you add your staff to Lightspeed, they can use their PINs to clock in & out through the Time & Attendance add-on. Then if you integrate a software like Tanda, you’ll be able to import timesheets from Lightspeed. Too easy.




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