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Add On - Wastage

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What it Does

Recording Wastage is an important part of your stock management. Kounta provides a simple, accessible and useful way to record and report on Wastage

When you record wastage it will consume inventory, including the components you've setup. It will also record who entered the wastage, it's reason, the cost of the wasted goods and the lost revenue for the items (if there is a Sell Price)


Enabling the Wastage Add On

  1. Go to Sites

  2. Select the relevant Site

  3. Go to Add Ons

  4. Select Wastage

  5. Tap Enable


By default all users are allowed to record wastage when you enable the Add On.

Learn how to manage this and other permissions here


Recording Wastage

You can record Wastage from the Back Office

  1. Go to Sites

  2. Select the relevant Site

  3. Go to Wastage

You can also record Wastage from the POS

  1. Go to POS

  2. Select a User

  3. Tap Menu

  4. Select Add Ons

  5. Tap Wastage

Once on either of the Wastage pages follow these steps

  1. Start typing to Search for a product

  2. Select the Product from the dropdown

  3. Select a Reason

  4. Enter the Quantity wasted


Reporting on Wastage

There is plenty of reports available for your wastage, depending on what information you need.

A detailed feed can be found following these steps

  1. Go to Sites

  2. Select a Site

  3. Select Wastage

  4. Use the Filters to review every entry that's occurred


Summary reporting can be found following these steps

  1. Go to Reports

  2. Select Wastage

  3. Use the Filters to review summaries of what's occurred


Filters include product tags, users, reasons, dates and sites

Figures include the quantity wasted, the total cost, total tax on cost and the lost revenue of these items.

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