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Integration - Saasu

Josh -

Please note that this accounting integration is currently under maintenance and not currently available. The new and improved replacement integration will be available very soon. Please contact for further information.

What it Does

The integration will create a single Invoice that combines the various income, payments and adjustments to represent a single period of trade corresponding to a 'Finalised Takings Report' in Kounta

Each exported Takings will balance out to $0 outstanding and will update the necessary credits and debits to each of the accounts configured below

Enabling the Saasu Add On

  1. Go to Sites

  2. Select the relevant Site

  3. Go to Add Ons

  4. Select Saasu

  5. Tap Enable 

 Configuring the Saasu Add On

  1. Go to Sites

  2. Select the relevant Site

  3. Go to Add Ons

  4. Select Saasu

  5. Tap Configuration

  6. Enter the relevant account codes (not names) to map up to Saasu

    Note that in Saasu account codes are optional, you will need to assign a number to each account you want to use.

- Default Sales Income Accounts is where we declare all of your recorded sales (Individual income accounts can be setup on each item via Products - Edit - Accounting or via Import)

- Default Clearing Account is where we declared all of your counted money (individual clearing accounts can be setup for each Payment Type via Company - Payment Types)

- Cash In Account where we declare any additional non-income monies being added to your counted amounts

- Cash Out Account where we declare any expense/reduction in monies from your counted amounts 

- Balance Account where we declare any variance between your recorded sales and counted monies 

- Prepayments Account when you process payments against an account or laybuy order we currently account for this as a 'pre-payment' to balance the additional amounts that will show in your Clearing Accounts. Once the order is fully paid, we convert the prepayments to income for that sale.
This is typically setup as a Current Liability, note we write this as a credit ie $10 cash payment would add +$10 to your Prepayments Account and -$10 to your Cash clearing account.

 Once setup tap the Export to Saasu tab to see a list of exportable Takings Reports


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