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Setup Recipes and Purchasing Formats

Phil R -

Kounta provides an easy to using Inventory module that allows you to specify component quantities that will deducted from your parent inventory when a sale is completed.

To Access Recipes, you will first need to enable the Inventory Add-On.

- Select a Site
- Go to Add Ons
- Select Inventory
- Tap Enable


Understanding 'Component' Stock

Recipes has all kinds of uses, but at it's basic core, all it really does is allow you to sell an item and deduct multiple items of stock (or partial items of stock) from your inventory. A straightforward example of this will be selling beer out of a beer keg. Very few establishments will actually sell beer by the keg, but to keep track of stock you need the keg to decrease its quantity in stock whenever you pour one.

  • Start off by creating your Beer Keg product itself.
  • The sell price is 0 because we don't sell it (if you do, then provide a sell price)
  • Set 'I sell this item' to 'No' if you don't sell this item and only want to use this product for inventory control
  • Leave 'I Stock This Item' to 'Yes' (this ensures it appears on your stock list).



  • Now we need to create the beer glass. You create this product just like any other (you can even make variants)
  • There are two major points of difference however. In 'Accounting' set 'I Buy This Item' to 'No'
  • Under the 'Inventory' tab, change 'This item is purchased' to 'This item is made here'
  • Add a component product, in this case we choose 'Beer Keg', because every time I sell 'Beer Stein' I want to deduct stock from 'Beer Keg'
  • The 'Quantity' section is how much stock should be taken from 'Beer Keg' every time we sell a 'Beer Stein'. A Stein of beer is roughly 1L, let's go with our Beer Keg being a 20 litre keg.  1 Litre / 20 Litres = .05 so that's how much should be deducted from Beer Keg every time we sell a Stein.


Pro-tip:- The quantity is always a decimal figure. Litres, mL, gm, won't mean anything to Kounta, it just needs to know how much the stock count should decrease from the component product every time you sell a linked product.

In the above example, if Beer Keg had 5 in stock, once you sell a Beer Stein the stock level will decrease to 4.95 



Recipes and Component Products

Setting up recipes or components for your items is relatively straightforward process, an example of this would be setting up Inventory recipes for a Chicken Burger (w/ basket of fries)


There are two parts to this process, the stock that you Purchase & the items that are Made Here

Stock Purchased Stock Made Here
Chicken Patties (24 Pack) 1 x Chicken Patty
Whole Lettuce (500g) 2 x Shredded Lettuce Leaves 24g
Mayonaise (500ml Jar) 2 x tbsp Mayonaise
Burger Rolls (24 Pack) 1 x Burger Roll
Beer Battered Fries 250g Cup Beer Battered Fries




Purchasing Formats & Quantities

When you are buying and selling products you often buy in multiples and sell individually. Looking at the example above, we order Chicken Patties in a 24 pack, Burger Rolls in a 24 pack and so on, so when we are doing purchasing format's for these products we would specify this in the products tab.

In the Products Tab > Select the Product > Select the Inventory tab and you would select the dropdown, the item to Is Purchased - You would then select the format and quantity.

Few Examples:

Chicken Patties (24 Pack in a box)

You would select Purchased in a Box and your quantity would be the amount of 24 Pack's that you have.

Whole Lettuce (Purchased Individually)

You would select Purchased Individually and your quantity would be the amount of whole lettuce that you have.

Jar of Mayonnaise (500g)

You would select Purchased in Individually and your quantity would be the number of jars of mayonnaise you have. 



Inventory Recipes & Quantities

Now that we have set the purchasing formatting for the ingredients that we will use in the previous part of this guide, we will now need to use these figures to determine how our ingredient inventory is calculated.

Few Examples:

1 Chicken Patty

We will use one Chicken Patty to make the burger, so we select the 24 Pack of Chicken Patties as the Component and (1/24 =0.041) as the Quantity.

Whole Lettuce (Purchased Individually)

We will use two lettuce leaves to make the burger, so we select the Whole Lettuce as the Component and (24/500 =0.048 ) as the Quantity.

Jar of Mayonnaise (500g)

We will use two table spoons (28.6g) of Mayonnaise to make the burger, so we select the Jar of Mayonnaise as the Component and (28.6/500 =0.0572 ) as the Quantity.


Selling, Inventory & Cost calculation.

When you sell at item with Inventory Recipe components (Chicken Burger (w/ basket of fries)). Kounta does a few things.

- Kounta uses your recipes to deduct that inventory component from the parent item you specified in the recipe.

- Kounta finds the cost or average cost of each component of the recipe, Kounta then sums all those costs together to get the cost price of the sale.



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