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How to split or merge an order with Lightspeed POS

A smooth checkout can be the cherry on top of a great dining experience.

Cater to your customer's needs with these quick and easy workflows!


With Lightspeed, splitting orders by product, price or number of guests lets customers pay the way they want to pay, without slowing down service. Merging orders is quick too, so your staff can easily free up tables when guests move.



What's in this guide:

Splitting Orders

Merging Orders

Splitting Orders

Split by price
is useful when a guest needs to use different payment methods or if a guest wants to pay a specific amount.

  1. From POS, select Checkout

  2. Select Split Payment

  3. Select the current total

  4. Enter an amount

  5. Choose an amount to Checkout


Split by product helps when guests want to pay for specific products, whether it be what they ordered or picking up the drinks as well.

  1. From POS, select Checkout

  2. Select Split Payment

  3. Select Split by product

  4. Select products from the left panel

  5. Select Checkout


Split by the number of guests is great for when guests are happy to split evenly. You won’t need a calculator or to be great at maths to quickly work out how much each guest needs to pay.

  1. From POS, select Checkout

  2. Select Split Payment

  3. Select Split3.3.png

    Each time you select Checkout the total will be divided evenly

Merging Orders

Sometimes guests need to move tables, like when they are having a few drinks at the bar while they wait for their table. With Lightspeed you and your staff can quickly merge whole orders or individual items, so misplaced orders can easily be corrected too.

  1. Select Tables

    Note: If guests are moving to a new table, you will need to open this table before

  2. Select Merge

  3. Select the the section, then table you want to move from

  4. Select the table you want to move to

  5. Select Merge all



If you have any questions select the ? for Help on any page in Lightspeed to reach your 24/7 Support Team.



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