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Configure the Layout on Your POS

Josh -

Kounta offers a simple drag and drop facility to arrange products and categories on your POS

** Please note that this function is not currently available on the Commbank Albert

Follow the steps below to configure your POS to your preferences


- Go to POS
- Select a User
- Click Menu
- Click POS Preferences
- Click Arrange
- You can drag and drop products as desires
- Tap on product tiles to change the colour
- Tap Save Layout when finished

Note: To change to another category and modify the layout there then simply Save the Layout, change to a new category and repeat the steps to edit again.

Below are videos to step you through the process.

Changing the location of product buttons on the POS.

Changing the Colour of the product buttons on the POS.


Arranging Option Sets

You can arrange the order in which Option Sets appear by dragging the option set's arrow icons.


More information on this function is in the option sets guide.





List View compared to Grid View

You can also change your POS layout to use Grid or List view* depending on your preference.
(* = some smaller devices such as the Albert can only use List View)

  • In POS mode, click Menu
  • Click Preferences
  • Click 'Grid View' or 'List View'


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